Alliance of Sri Lanka: Incident Report, June 2009

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  National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka (NCEASL)

Pastor waylaid and attacked by gang
Foursquare Gospel Church,

Polonnaruwa District

23rd June 2009

The pastor of the church was driving home at approximately 10.30 pm after attending a prayer meeting when he was stopped by a group of men riding motorcycles near the Parakrama samudra bund. The men called out to him “pastor, pastor”. Thinking they were known to him, the pastor stopped his car. As soon as he rolled down the window, the assailants began to attack him with knives. He succeeded in avoiding their attempts to slash his neck by putting up his arms but sustained cuts on his arms. The assailants also caused damage to the windscreen and body of the car. Bleeding and injured, the pastor escaped by driving way and seeking help.

An entry was made in the Polonnaruwa police and the Police are conducting inquiries. The Pastor was treated for cuts and was provided police protection.

Statue damaged
Roman Catholic Church

Minneriya, Polonnaruwa District

mid June 2009

A Catholic statue placed at the Ayurveda junction was smashed. Another smaller statue was removed from the same location and later found broken near the Parakrama Samudra tank.   

Church Dedication Service disrupted by mob
Apostolic Church,

Thalvapadu, Mannar District

7th June 2009

The Apostolic church in Mannar was celebrating the dedication of their newly constructed church building with a service of dedication. While the service was in progress, a mob of about 300 persons arrived. They entered the premises, threatened the pastors and congregation and ordering they stop the service. Within about 15 minutes, the attackers destroyed the structure and threw the bricks and roofing sheets on to an adjacent land. .

7 attackers were arrested and action has been filed in the local Magistrates Court.

We share this with you for prayer - NCEASL