An urgent appeal for prayer from the GDOP Coordinator in Thailand

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Many countries across Asia are encountering severe flooding and loss of lives.

In Thailand, the situation is getting worse in many provinces (at least 25 provinces of the 77 provinces).

"It just gets worse" (that is the headline of the Bangkok Post online edition yesterday: www.bangkokpost.com)

Last night, I got a call from a pastor that a children hostel at the Maejam district was flooded early this morning and all the children’s school bags, books and shoes got washed away together with all the food supplies for the next few weeks. Water run-off for the Intanont mountain flooded several communities in this district and they are still assessing the damages with the water receding to knee-level now.

To date, according to the Bangkok post report, 212 people died and the situation probably will get worse as most of the mountainous areas are fully saturated and just getting ready to cause major mudslides. At least 3-4 more storms will be heading towards Thailand.

ALL the dams in Thailand are beyond capacities. Even though most of them are still able to take in more but not for long. It is just like a big catastrophe is waiting to happen anytime all across the countries where these dams are located. They must release the water but at the expense of inundating thousands of villagers. The worst thing is that the sea level will be at its highest in the middle of October.

Dear friends, please be praying for Thailand (and the many countries affected).

I have already handed out thousands of packets of pre-cooked, medicine and candles/lighters through our Foundation (thanks to those who have contributed) and the requests are still coming in.

When the situation is more settled, we may need to mobilize people to help with the cleanup and rebuilding operation (probably at the end of October). If you are able to take leave, please consider giving a couple of days to help out.

Thank you again for your contributions and prayer.

Henry Yeo : GDOP Coordinator Thailand  [email protected]