Are Christians Any Different?

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One of WEA’s 10 Global Partners – Viva – are about to set a milestone in care for children.

A number of WEA’s 128 Alliances and 193 International Organisation are about to meet in order to define the Christian distinctive in work with children, to network and to be inspired.

The largest body of care for children is the Christian church. Down through the ages and right across the world the Christian community has been on the forefront of responding to the needs of children-at-risk.

“This outreach is growing explosively in both scale and quality. By 2020 as many as 3m Christian initiatives for children could be found, most of them run by WEA related church” states Patrick McDonald, Chief Executive of Viva.

Dr. Geoff Tunnicliffe, WEA CEO asks, “But what’s distinctive about being a ‘Christian’ project? And how can the church be the ‘hope for the world’; the ‘good news in the city’ it longs to be? Are Christians simply going to remain at the periphery of the development discourse or can we continue to radically transform nations and communities as we pursue Jesus?”

These and other questions will be addressed by 300+ key decision makers within the Viva community of agencies and organisations at the ‘Cutting Edge Conference’ to be held at Wheaton near Chicago in just 40 days time.

This invitation-only event has every prospect of changing the way in which the next generation will grow up. One notable practitioner states:

I eagerly await the opportunity to be at the Cutting Edge conference and meet with all the leading Christian child development practitioners who will be there.

I still feel so blessed by the last one I attended. The CE is unlike any other gathering that I have been a part of, because it fires me up and gives me the tools and information and encouragement I need to do what God has called me to do!

I look forward to seeing you there.

Ravi Jayakaran (Senior Director – International Programs for MAP International)

For further details please contact Ian Smith, International Cutting Edge Coordinator, Viva

[email protected], +44 1865 811671