Asia Mobilising for Integral Mission

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Asia Mobilising for Integral Mission

  Asia Mobilising for Integral Mission

Micah Network (1) is organising its Asia Regional Consultation for 2011 - Asia Mobilising for Integral Mission – to be held during October 17th – 21st, 2011 in Kukuleganga Holiday Resort, Kalutara, Sri Lanka.

The context in Asia, with all its complexities, is such that we increasingly see the continent having an influencing voice both in mission and global leadership. Church growth throughout Asia is exhilarating and requires us all to take responsibility so that we can stand true as salt and light in our communities. Established more than ten years ago, a significant number of Micah Network's members are located and serving in Asia!

How can we as a Network support one another to respond effectively, and with love, in such contentious arenas? Asia Mobilising for Integral Mission seeks to underpin the theological values that inform and inspire our practice, strengthen the quality and witness of our response and mobilise us to be the agents of change in our communities and our work.

It is envisaged that by the end of the Consultation participants will have:
• Enhanced their understanding of the concept, principles and practice of integral mission.
• Identified how they (organisation, church, individual) can practically mobilise themselves and their communities to engage in holistic transformation.
• Reflected on the lessons of the last ten years so as to identify the way ahead for a further decade.
• Shared/acquired knowledge and skills of good practice in cross cutting and thematic topics (as listed).
• Encouraged one another through sharing testimonies of transformation and case studies.
• Grown spiritually through sharing God's Word, worship, fellowship, intercession and building relationships.

Each day will follow a specific theme during devotions and the plenary, focussing on theological perspectives (the why), good practice guidance (the how) and learning (shared experiences of practice and theological impact).
• Embracing and practicing Micah 6:8: Are we really making a difference?
• Transformation impacting all aspects of life: inclusion, advocacy, justice and reconciliation.
• Issues in Asia from pluralism, inter faith dialogues and extremism.
• Integral service (demonstration and proclamation).

Cross-cutting and thematic workshops will be run on a variety of topics relevant to integral mission and the needs and challenges in Asia.  

A combination of plenary sessions, group discussions, world café and workshops will form a major part of the Consultation. Each day, there will be opportunity for networking, sharing testimonies and case studies. Fellowship through devotions and workshop will set the tone each day, allowing time to seek God's direction.

All presenters, teachers and facilitators will be invited based on their good understanding and experience of the Asia context. The Consultation will be held in English, with provision for interpretation subject to demand. 
For more information about this consultation please see our website: www.micahnetwork.org/events/asia-mobilising-integral-mission


Registration can now be done directly from our website!


For further information about programme, participation, costs and other queries, please write to Sundar Daniel [email protected] and Timothy Sands [email protected]

(1) Micah Network is a global Christian network with over 571 members - aid organisations/ NGOs, mission organisations, academic/ training institutions, local congregations, networks, alliances, denominational secretariats and individuals -l sharing a passion and commitment to engage holistically and relevantly in our world. Micah Network was formed in 1999 and has members in 81 countries. www.micahnetwork.org