Association of Evangelicals in Africa: Updates from Liberia and Sierra Leone

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Updates from Liberia and Sierra Leone

Nairobi- August 27, 2014

No doubt, there has been much media hype on the Ebola crisis in the West African region. How we use the information varies depending on the source and we think it is important to remain in touch with the people on the ground, especially within our vast network of Church leaders, who are both victims and care givers in most crisis situations in the continent.

You read the appeal of the General Secretary of the Association of Evangelicals in Liberia (AEL), Rev. Isaac Wheiger, about AEL’s intervention and care for Ebola victims in his country. We applaud his dedication to serve the Church and the people of Liberia despite his son's battle with sickle cell.

We were saddened to receive news from the president of AEL, Rev. Dr. James-Numoe Kiamu, that Rev. Wheigar’s 17 year old son passed away on Sunday, the 24th of August, 2014.

Dr. Kiamu said “Thanks for your concern for what's happening to our countries. As we strive to serve our people, some situations also perplex us. We have just concluded a meeting with the family and plan to bury the teenager on Saturday, August 30. It is very difficult for Isaac and his wife. Please pray for them.”

At the same time, one of the South African brothers we recently met in Zimbabwe, at the 4/14 window conference, gave this brief report after a trip to Sierra Leone:

“It's not looking good my sister.  I feel so bad leaving. Yesterday they buried more than 20 people who had died from Ebola. We have currently registered more than 400 Orphans in Sierra Leone. Prayer is all that we need for Africa.” (Courtesy of Pastor Mary Mumo of Compassion International)

We just want to take this opportunity to re-echo the pleas: “Please pray for them. Prayer is all that we need for Africa.” Please also pray for the Wheigar’s, for God’s grace and comfort, as they lay to rest their deceased son.

Thank you again for your prayers. We would appreciate hearing from and how your alliances, networks or congregations around the globe are praying for them and for Africa.
Rev. Aiah Foday Khabenje
AEA General Secretary

About AEA:

The Association of Evangelicals in Africa (AEA) was formed on 26th February 1966 at Limuru, Kenya, during a meeting of 102 evangelical Christian leaders from 23 African nations and missionaries from other countries. The meeting had been convened as a result of the felt need by the evangelicals for a permanent association which would help build a united movement of the Body of Christ that would promote evangelical unity, fellowship and Christian witness in Africa.

In its 48 years of existence, AEA has grown into a continental family of over 100 million evangelicals comprising 36 National Evangelical Fellowships that are made up of numerous local churches. There are 34 Associate Members who consist of Para-Church organizations, and 11 Special Members representing local Churches in countries where there are no National Evangelical Alliances.

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