Australia: Update on Gold Coast Tragedy

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On 13 October 2006, WEA Religious Liberty News & Analysis issued a posting
entitled "Australia: Girl's conversion results in mother's death".

That story needs to be updated.

In summary, Australian media reported that on 9 October a 17-year-old girl
named Kaihana Hussain was attacked with a knife by her father, Dr Mohammed
Hussain, after she reiterated her commitment to convert from Islam to
Christianity. According to the reports, Kaihana's mother was fatally stabbed
when she tried to intervene, and her father attempted to kill himself after
Kaihana escaped the apartment. Police confirmed at the time that Kaihana was
not a suspect. (Link 1)

Dr Hussain was hospitalised in a critical condition and put in an induced
coma. It has only been very recently that investigative police have been
able to speak with Dr Hussain. He alleges that Kaihana stabbed her mother to
death and attempted to murder him because they disapproved of her behaviour
and her unsuitable boy-friend.

Kaihana was subsequently arrested. She faced the Southport Magistrates Court
on 7 November where she was charged with murder and attempted murder. She
did not speak and no plea was entered. Kaihana Hussain is remanded in
custody until her trial which has been slated for 22 May 2007. No further
comment can be made as the matter is under police investigation. More
details can be found at Link 2.

Anyone who has posted WEA RLC's 13 October release to their website should
remove it. Thank you.

Elizabeth Kendal
[email protected]


1) HERALD SUN. Islam row behind mum's death. 11 October 2006
Mother killed after teen rejects Islam
School Death Link. 12 Oct 2006

2) Girl on murder charge. 7 Nov 2006

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