Blow the Trumpet: Global Day of Prayer 12

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                                                Blow the Trumpet!
                                   A Call for Repentance and Prayer
                                                         Joel 2
                                  Global Day of Prayer, 23 May 2010
                                                   17 Days to go 
213 Countries

Dear Friends

In previous years Global Day of Prayer not only challenged people to pray in the “high places”,  but also the “significant places” of their regions.  We had reports of many who climbed the highest mountain in their area.  Our own team of brave warriors took on the mighty Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa and proclaimed God’s reign over Africa from the Peak.  We also had reports of believers visiting significant sites in their cities, towns and nations, praying that spiritual bonds will be broken and strongholds will come tumbling down.

Ethne, one of our valued partners has just asked us to once again challenge the nations to go and pray at some of the most strategic high places in the world.   

Liz Adleta from Ethne writes:
“A small prayer team just completed a prayer assignment from the Lord in Berlin. In the process of this assignment, we were led by the Lord to spend a good deal of time praying also in the Berliner Fernsehturn, a very tall TV tower built by the Communists and used during the Cold War for spying on the West Berlin section, now open for tourism. While we were there, we noticed that the walls featured other tall towers and that there was a World Federation of Great Towers (see www.great-towers.com )

At the time, I was sensing that these towers may be connected somehow. But the lead article certainly leads one to believe that there is some tie in, seeing they mention the Tower of Babel for one thing.

Here is my challenge to you:
Would it be possible to mobilize a few small teams to take up prayer assignments in each tower to pray along with GDOP May 23rd this year all together on the same day, same prayer, seeing as it’s the 10th year celebration of these prayers globally?”

We would like to encourage you to take up this challenge on 23 May. If you need more information, please contact Liz Adleta at [email protected].  She has offered to coordinate this challenge and will have all the information you need.

We would also like to remind you of the Global Day of Prayer Celebration conference in Cape Town 19 – 23 May 2010.

To register and/or to get more information visit the website www.gdop2010.com.

Don’t miss the opportunity to listen to more than 40 speakers over 3 days and also attend the GDOP event at Newlands stadium, where it all started.

Our dream is to have at least one couple from each nation in the world and we are trusting the Lord for that.

REGISTER NOW to avoid disappointment.

Many blessings
The GDOP Team