Blow the Trumpet : Global Day of Prayer continuing with 90 Days of Blessing

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Blow the Trumpet!
A Call for Repentance and Prayer
Joel 2
90 Days of Blessing

24 May – 21 August

Dear Friends

After almost 30 days since GDOP, please allow us to remind you that the 90 Days of Blessing follows the Global Day of Prayer as an opportunity for Christians to not only
continue in persistent prayer, but to actually become the answers to their prayersWe are receiving wonderful feedback from believers doing exactly this. 

If you have any testimonies and/or stories of such events or projects, please help us to encourage others by sending us a short account of what happened/is happening. 

We cannot stop praying and if you have not done so yet we would like to encourage you to download the 90 Days of Blessings prayer guide HERE.

This is an excellent opportunity to challenge the youth and children to go to the neglected places to pray and serve. Their nature is to be there where they can make the difference, so let’s join them in becoming a transformation force in our communities!

The Prayer Guide will challenge you to continue your prayer efforts, but also to become physically involved in the places that we normally pray for. This is our opportunity to become vessels of blessing through prayer and action.

You are encouraged to adapt and publish the prayer guide given to you in a way that suits your specific needs

Please take note that there are translations of the 90 Day Prayer Guide in Thai and Italian available on the website HERE  If you have translated the guide or are willing to do so into your own language, please send it to us in order to bless others in their mother tongue. 

Many Blessings
The GDOP Team