Breaking News from Micah Challenge – 10.10.10

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10.10.10 banner

More christian leaders pledge full global support to
pray & promise on 10.10.10

At MCI headquarters, the team are seeing a dramatic surge of Micah 2010 commitments from Worldwide Church and Prayer Movements.

OM, Baptist World Alliance, Intercessory Prayer Ministry International, Willow Creek in the UK, Organisation of African Instituted Churches, Hillsong, Churches Together in England, Malaysian Care, Tearfund Ireland and Trocaire, and the European Pentecostal Theological Association are all helping to promote and participate in 10.10.10.

"The 24-7 Prayer movement is right behind MICAH 2010. I wholeheartedly urge you to join this global chorus of prayer for the poorest people on earth. Together we can make a little history." Pete Greig - 24-7 Prayer/Alpha International

See all our 10.10.10 friends by clicking here
We look forward to MCI's International Director, Joel Edwards, speaking at InterAct Sweden, the Baptist Assembly in UK, the AEA General Assembly and Anglican Bishops meeting in Africa, Willow Creek Germany, Christian Endeavour Germany, and Blackstump Australia!


Plans for Micah Challenge International to jointly host a Worship Service with the local churches during the United Nations Poverty Summit in New York this September are well underway, details to follow in two weeks' time.

Jesus House in London will host a unique UK Signature event for thousands on 10.10.10, while 20,000 people in Hillsong in Sydney will pray and promise to remember the poor as Darlene Zschech leads worship.  For more details on the five Signature events being held around the world on the special day, please click here.

Micah Challenge National Campaigns are gearing up to release a letter addressed to their Governments highlighting the urgency of the Millennium Development Goals. They will mobilise national and local media to cover the MDGs. More details to follow.

AND Micah Challenge Zimbabwe launched in July complete with full marching band! See photo of the celebrations below. This is the 45th MC Campaign. Click here to see all our national campaigns.


Zimbabwe launch photo
Our newest campaign launched in Zimbabwe in July 2010


Just Mercy bible study
Buy this 4-week study on Micah 6v8 for small groups.  Links in with the 10.10.10 campaign!

NEW VIDEO FOR 10.10.10

10.10.10 video
Joel Edwards presents 10.10.10.  Click above to view the video.



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