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thank you.  

Today, 15th October 2010, marks the 6th anniversary of the launch of Micah Challenge.  We think there is no better way to celebrate than to tell you some of the stories of 60 million Christians globally joining in prayer - one prayer - and action for the world's poor.  That number includes YOU, and we hope you have been as inspired as us by this amazing global moment.

10.10.10 is arguably the largest prayer and advocacy action undertaken by Christians.  Groups in over 70 countries took part in a day that was all about energising the church to be a voice for justice, integrity and generosity.  You were part of a powerful declaration of God's heart for the 1.4 billion people for whom life is a daily struggle for survival.
Thank you.

Millions also promised to "remember the poor" and made amazingly colourful (and messy) handprints as a sign of that promise. The handprints - on cloth, banners, signs and petitions - will be delivered to politicians from Australia to Argentina, from Canada to South Africa to remind them that all nations made a promise ten years ago to halve global poverty by 2015.

Videos from our 5 key events on 10.10.10 can be viewed by clicking here.

10.10.10 STORIES

In Malaysia at a church in Klang, 400 people gathered. The guests of honour were the MP for Klang and 30 poor families. Everyone contributed to a banner of promise handprints. The church gave food supplies to the local poor families and the MP promised to help arrange a meeting with a Government Minister to hand over the handprints.
Churches and NGOs in Chennai held a huge open-air worship concert for 5000 people, 
raising their hands in support of children, praying for the poor and particularly children. Local police, bureaucrats and politicians all attended. It was an amazing event - testimony to the fact that if we gather together as Christians we can do great things.
In Malawi, over 80,000 Christians were involved in 10.10.10.
One event was held in a local health centre and the area's MP was shown the poor facilities. Members of the community were afforded the rare chance of speaking to their MP about the lack of services. The MP promised to lead a clean-up exercise at the health centre. For this community, the church was showing faith in action and advocacy.
At the signature event in London, more than 2000 Christians made their promises across five different services.
Joel Edwards said in his message, “We need to stand fearless before the leaders of our day when standing up for the poor and not just pray, but act.”
Martin Kapenda, the coordinator in Zambia has written,
“What I found of great motivation was the prayer for 10.10.10. Initiallly, I did not think much about the impact of this prayer on my work, but the phrase, “we can rid the world of the sin of extreme poverty”, served to show pastors God’s concern for the world and to point out the role that bad leaders play in enslaving their people in poverty. Discussing the theology behind this prayer with pastors convinced most of them to get involved because there were able to see the spiritual aspect of this campaign.”
PLEASE help us to build a full global picture of the impact of 10.10.10.
If you have stories from your organization or church please REGISTER YOUR ACTIVITIES HERE or email info@micahchallenge.org
More global stories can be read by clicking here.  
A global photo gallery is available here.


As we celebrate our 'birthday' and thank God for his favour, we also look forward to seeing Micah Challenge grow in size and godly influence in the last 5 crucial years until 2015. We will shortly be starting a global conversation about good governance.  We hope you get involved - start by reading our initial paper 'Open for Service' here.

As part of Micah Challenge’s commitment to further global unity on poverty issues, Joel Edwards is attending the third Lausanne Congress in Cape Town, which brings together 4,000 leaders from more than 200 countries to confront critical issues of our time, including poverty. 

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