Brief update on Asia trip and request for prayer from the International Director

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Dear Friends,
This is just a brief update on my trip to Asia and a request for prayer.
So far I have visited Thailand, Vietnam and Korea. The visits have been very full and productive.
In Thailand, I was able to speak to the Evangelical Fellowship on Thailand assembly. Four hundred leaders were present. They are enthusiastically looking forward to the General Assembly. Sylvia and two members of our technical team, Nathanael and Matthew, were also able to make good progress on the practical arrangements for the General Assembly.
In Vietnam, I was able to have very significant meetings with key leaders that represent the vast majority of evangelicals in their country. This included the officially recognized churches in the North and South as well as the house church movement. There was very positive interest in evangelicals in Vietnam joining WEA. We are beginning a process to help meet this goal. It is quite complicated because of internal struggles within the church, and their delicate relationship with the government. In addition, there was encouragement for us to bring an official WEA delegation to meet with their prime minister. We are asking several evangelical leaders from Vietnam to come to General Assembly as observers.
Here in Korea, I will meet with the new president of CCK (WEA’s national member), several other senior Christian leaders and will be interviewed on the largest Christian TV network.
I leave for China on April 5th where I am scheduled to meet with the Three Self Church leaders and the head of the Chinese Government’s bureau on Religious Affairs. I will be inviting several church leaders to come as observers of General Assembly. Many feel that my given the current state of political affairs, there is a potential for controversy around my visit. But my sole intention is to meet and encourage our brothers and sisters in China. Please pray for real wisdom.
Yours in Christ our Lord,
Geoff Tunnicliffe
International Director
World Evangelical Alliance