Calling attention to the Nigerian Crisis

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March 30, 2010  


(LARNACA, Cyprus, March 2010)  The Religious Liberty Partnership (RLP) which is made up of key organizations based all over the globe issued a statement on the violence and killings in Nigeria, calling for prayer for that nation.  The World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) Religious Liberty Commission which is a member of the RLP endorses this statement referred to as the ‘Cyprus Statement’.  

The Cyprus Statement acknowledges some positive elements within Nigeria, including the role that the church is playing, but expresses deep concern about the ways in which the situation is being handled by the government.  In addition, the Statement calls on the worldwide church to pray for work toward the religious rights of all Nigerians, to provide practical humanitarian support, and to support reconciliation efforts.  

“The World Evangelical Alliance is deeply concerned about the violence and suffering in Nigeria. We are calling upon all our members to proactively respond to these injustices  and use “Cyprus Statement” as a framework for responding to this tragic situation.” stated Dr. Geoff Tunnicliffe, Chief Executive, WEA.

“It is a cause of great concern to see horrific acts of violence, massacres and looting perpetrated on  innocent men, women and children. The world must not remain silent observers but be active advocates for the restoration of peace in Nigeria and urging the Nigerian authorities to bring the perpotrators of these atrocities to justice” states Godfrey Yogarajah, Executive Director of the WEA Religious Liberty Commission. “We pray for the Chrisitans in Nigeria who are suffering intense persecution; who moan the loss of their loved ones”.   

Godfrey Yogarajah
Executive Director - Religious Liberty Commission
World Evangleical Alliance