Calling for Prayers on Nigeria Bombings

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On this very important day in the Christmas calendar, we are shocked and outraged by the attacks on Churches in Nigeria. Our hearts grieve for those who have lost family and friends through this premeditated violence.  We call upon our global community to pray for Nigeria on this tragic day.

At this time of year, Christians around the world celebrate the coming of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace. At the heart of the Christian Gospel, is a message of reconciliation and peace. It is the desire of Christians to live at peace with fellow citizens no matter what their beliefs or faith. It is an affront to the civilized world that a small group of criminals abuse their religion to justify violent acts.

We call upon the Nigerian Government to bring the perpetrators of these criminal acts to justice. We further recognize the need to develop a process that will bring together Christian and Muslim leaders to build a strategy to deescalate this growing conflict.

The World Evangelical Alliance believes that all societies are best served when all people have the opportunity to live peacefully with the freedom to live out their faith without intimidation or fear.

Dr. Geoff Tunnicliffe|CEO/Secretary General |World Evangelical Alliance
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Website: www.worldevangelicals.org
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