Canada – Egypt – Iraq – Morocco – Pakistan – Vietnam

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 An Iranian couple who suffered persecution in Iran due to their Christian faith (it is illegal to convert from Islam to)Christianity in Iran) fled to Turkey where they were arrested as they tried to continue onto Greece. They have been granted asylum in Canada.

 Iranian couple persecuted for their Christian faith wins asylum in Canada
The Vancouver Sun | 30 March 2009



 AFP reports, 'Egyptian villagers have set fire to Bahai homes after a member of the religion said on television the village was "full of Bahais", the latest incident to reflect religious tensions in the country.'

 Egypt village mob torches Bahai homes

AFP | Accessed 3 April 2009




 The Middle East Times reports, 'A recent string of killings in Iraq is raising fear among Iraqi Christians after four Assyrian Christians were killed in areas ranging from Kirkuk in Northern Iraq to the capital, Baghdad.' On 1 April, Sabah Aziz Suliman (60) was killed in his home and on 2 April Nimrud Khuder Moshi (64), Glawiz Nissan (61) and Hanaa Isaaq (58) were found dead in their homes.

 New Wave of Violence Targets Christians in Iraq
Middle East Times | 2 April 2009



Four Spaniards and one German Christian Missionaries have been expelled from Morocco to Spain for 'illegally inciting Muslims to convert'. USA Today reports 'proselytising to convert Muslims is considered illegal' in Morocco.

 Muslim Morocco expels 5 Christian missionaries
USA Today | 29 March 2009



Compass Direct News reports on the situation in Swat Valley, Pakistan, where the Taliban and the Pakistani Government negotiated the enactment of Sharia (Islamic) Law and where 'the fate of the remaining Christians in the area is uncertain'.

 Pakistan: Christians Brace For Sharia In Swat Valley
Compass Direct News | 27 March 2009



Protests in 2008 by Vietnamese Catholics regarding church lands that were confiscated by the Communist Party Government resulted in convictions for eight of the participants. 'Seven of the defendants received suspended sentences of between 12 and 15 months. Another received a warning, and all were placed on two years'

probation.' Admidst the difficulties of trial and state harassment of the Catholics' lawyer a 'Hanoi court upheld the suspended sentences handed down last December'.

 Vietnam Catholics lose appeal bid

BBC | 27 March 2009


Digest compiled by Australian Evangelical Alliance (AEA) Religious Liberty Commission (RLC). All URL links were active when the digest was issued. Whilst the RLC has taken every care in selecting the items included, their authenticity depends on the original source.

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