Caribbean: CONECAR 2009 Host Committee Gets Cracking

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Evangelical Association of the Caribbean

Kingston, Jamaica: The Jamaican Host Committee responsible for much of the logistical planning for CONECAR 2009, got down to work February 05 when Rev. Emerson Boyce, Executive Director of CONECAR, and Rev. Gerry Seale, General Secretary and CEO of the Evangelical Association of the Caribbean (EAC), visited Jamaica. At a breakfast meeting committee members discussed what would be expected of them and expressed their excitement that CONECAR will be returning to Jamaica after 25 years.

The theme for CONECAR 2009 is to be “The Church: Disciples In Transformation” and the speaker for the Opening Plenary will be Rev. Dr. Israel Brito, Chair of EAC’s Commission on Evangelism and Missions, which oversees the planning and running of the congress. It has been agreed that the Ninth Congress of Evangelicals in the Caribbean (CONECAR) will be held in the Kingston area around late October or early November 2009. Other specific details are expected to be in place by June 2008. Once these details have been finalised they will be circulated as widely as possible.

According to Rev. Seale, CONECAR 2009 will be a time to recognise the stalwarts that have brought the event through 25 years, a time to pass the baton to a new generation of leaders, and an opportunity to challenge church leaders from across the region on the relevance and impact of their ministries in the societies where they minister, at the same time giving these leaders practical tools to aid in discipling Caribbeans. “Discipleship is critical if the Church in the Caribbean is to make a difference,” stated the reverend. “Without adequate discipleship the Church remains emaciated and impotent in the face of advancing evil.”

Rev. Boyce expressed his excitement about the obvious commitment of the Jamaican Host Committee and the enthusiasm expressed by committee members. “I am returning to Trinidad excited about the potential for CONECAR 2009,” he stated as he left Jamaica February 07.

CONECAR began in September 1984 as the Congress on the Evangelisation of the Caribbean. Prime movers were those who had attended Lausanne 1975 and included such Caribbean Christian Statesmen as the late Elder Dave Ho, Rev. Dr. Gerry Gallimore, Rev. Dr. Rex Major, Elder Billy Hall, and Rev. Walford Thompson. The first congress was held on the Mona Campus of the University of the West Indies drawing more than 600 delegates from across the region. Congresses have since been held in Trinidad (1988), the Dominican Republic (1992), Guyana (1996), Puerto Rico (2000), Barbados (2002), The Bahamas (2005) and Trinidad (2007). The name was amended when CONECAR added the missions’ emphasis to the already powerful message on evangelisation. During the current decade the concepts of strong discipleship are being added to the message of the congress.

“Home is where you were born no matter where you might travel,” said Rev. Seale addressing the Host Committee. “In order to celebrate the 25th anniversary properly we need to bring CONECAR home to Jamaica.”

Mrs. Claudia Ferguson is the first woman to head a Host Committee in planning a CONECAR. She is joined on the committee by Rev. Rennard White, Ms. Cynthia Lee, Dr. Damien Black, Pastor David Henry, Rev. Peter Garth, Pastor Perry Walcott, Mr. Barry Leng, Mr. John Roomes, Ms. Sylvia Hinds, Rev. Errol Rattray, and Pastor Courtney Fletcher. Herro Blair, Junior, and Oral McCook are to be invited to join the committee.

EAC’s current Commission on Evangelism and Missions is chaired by Rev. Dr. Israel Brito (Dominican Republic) and members include Rev. John Smith (Guyana), Rev. Dr. Clifton Charles (Trinidad/Barbados), Rev. Veral Blake (St. Vincent and the Grenadines), Pastor Eworth Williams (Guyana), Pastor Jean-Marc Montout (Martinique), Pastor Lyall Bethel (Bahamas), and Mrs. Claudia Ferguson (Jamaica). Another member is to be added from Jamaica and EAC’s President, Rev. Dr. Ken Ragoonath, and General Secretary, Rev. Gerry Seale, serve as ex officio members.

This and other news items can be viewed on EAC’s website www.caribbeanevangelical.org.

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