Caribbean: CONECAR – Day Two

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Evangelical Alliance of the Caribbean

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad: The second day of the Congress of Evangelicals in the
Caribbean (CONECAR 2007) was a powerful and anointed time in God's presence. Rev.
Dr. Gerry Gallimore (Jamaica), one of the Caribbean Christian statesmen, led a
powerful morning devotional around the topic of "the Role of the Pastor in
Discipleship." Drawing on the example of Jesus in Luke 6:12-18 and Mark 3:13-19 Dr.
Gallimore powerfully challenged delegates on the Pivotal Place of Discipleship in
Jesus Ministry, the Priority of Prayer in the Discipleship Process, the Selection
Process of Choosing Disciples, the Profusion of Personalities Among the Disciples,
the Profile of a Disciple, and the Programme of the Preparation of the Disciple.

In the morning plenary Rev. Paul Hynam (Barbados) spoke with brokenness on the
subject of "The Agency of the Holy Spirit in Discipling." With tears in his eyes
Rev. Hynam challenged congress delegates that "the cry of our region is for
spiritual fathers and mothers. Men and women filled with the Spirit of God whose
burning desire will be to see sons and daughters, the next generation, assuming
leadership roles in bringing change throughout this region." At the conclusion of
his message the entire congress rose to its feet in applause.

After lunch delegates had the opportunity to participate in two out of eleven
workshops that gave opportunity to delve deeper into some of the themes of the
morning speakers.

The final plenary of the day brought Rev. Dr. Clifton Charles (Trinidad) to address
the subject of "The Response of the Disciple." In a simple but strongly anointed
manner, Dr. Charles brought home to each delegate the deep personal response that is
needed in each Christian seeking to follow Jesus. As the evening came to a close
many delegates stood for prayer as they work through the issue of their own
discipleship to Christ.

The congress continues on Wednesday with a full day of plenaries and workshops as we
continue to pursue the vast subject of discipling others in Christ throughout the
region. The General Assembly of the Evangelical Association of the Caribbean also
takes place on Wednesday afternoon simultaneously with the workshops.

Many delegates have stated their appreciation of the subject of discipleship that
underlines everything at CONECAR 2007. As Dr. Gallimore stated, "This is the subject
for this hour in the Caribbean."