Caribbean: Hurricane Dean Update, Sunday, August 19

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Dr. Jeff Masters at www.wunderground.com asked this morning: Can Jamaica pray away Hurricane Dean? The official forecast and nearly all of the computer models have put Jamaica in the bulls-eye for several days now. But hurricanes have a funny way of taking 11th-hour wobbles that spare the island a direct hit. Witness the remarkable turn Hurricane Ivan took in 2004, as it headed directly for the island with 145 mph winds. Ivan took a sudden turn 35 miles from the island, traced out an exact outline of the island's coast 35 miles offshore, then resumed its previous track. In the Jamaica Observer, Custos of Kingston, Reverend Carmen Stewart, contends that it was not the first time that prayers had influenced the turn of events when disaster faced Jamaica. "It has happened time and time again," Reverend Stewart says. "I know people have been praying and I don't see any other reason why it (the hurricane) would make such a drastic turn.... God hears prayer.””

Our resounding response is, “Yes, God can.” As we have been praying the projected path of Hurricane Dean has moved to the south of Jamaica. The island will still be in a very serious situation in the next few hours as the worse winds tend to be in the north eastern quadrant of the storm and this quadrant will be impacting Jamaica. Please continue to pray.

I’ve just got home from church and I don’t have an update on Haïti. One person is reported to have died in the Dominican Republic.

Please continue to pray today that God’s hand of protection, mercy and grace will rest upon Haïti, Jamaica, Cayman Islands and the Yucatan Peninsula.

For those who are interested Power 106 FM Radio is streamed online at http://www.go-jamaica.com/power/index.html. I am currently listening to their coverage and they will seek to broadcast throughout the day as Dean pummels Jamaica.

Thanks for praying. So far I’ve heard a number of reports along the lines that Dean is not doing the damage expected and the loss of life so far has been low in comparison to some other category 4 hurricanes that have swept our region. God does answer prayer and we need to stand in the gap in intercession for our people that destruction may not come upon them, Ezekiel 22:30.



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