Caribbean: Hurricane Dean Update, Tuesday, August 21

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Hurricane Dean Update

Praise: While Jamaica has sustained quite a bit of damage, there is much to be thankful for that the centre or eye of Hurricane Dean stayed 50 miles off shore Jamaica and so that island was spared the worst winds. Also, I understand that Dean has gone ashore in one of the more sparsely populated areas of the Yucatan Peninsula. Dean went ashore with winds of 160 mph, only the third Atlantic hurricane in the records to have gone ashore as a category 5 storm. Those in its path are having a very difficult time and that must not be minimised. However, so far major population centres have been spared.

Pray: As Dean progresses across the Yucatan Peninsula pray that lives will be spared and as it emerges into the Gulf of Mexico, regains strength and turns toward another part of Mexico that God would in His gracious mercy continue to spare lives.

Reports: This morning I was able to speak to Rev. Peter Garth, president of the Jamaica Association of Evangelicals. He has told me that the Eastern and Southern parts were the hardest hit and many buildings in those areas have been damaged. A number of pastors have had their homes damaged, We all await the damage assessments that are currently being prepared. CDERA reports on Jamaica: “Roof damage is extensive. Assessment of needs is being quantified. Damage in the northern parishes does not appear to be as severe as elsewhere.” CDERA goes on to state that the tourism sector does not seem to have sustained major damage.

In St. Lucia, CDERA puts the damage assessment at $18,152,400. the full report is available at www.stlucia.gov.lc/docs/nemo/NationalDANA_HurricaneDean.pdf.

In Dominica the preliminary estimate of damage is at www.cdera.org/cunews/uploads/dominica_summary_preliminary_damage_assessment_report_hurricane_dean.doc where the estimate is EC$98,590,000 (about US$37,000,000) with 95% of agriculture damaged.

Response: EAC does not have the funds to respond to this disaster. However, we are talking to our international partner and we urge the Church in the Caribbean to respond in helping our brothers and sisters in any way possible. When you respond do let me know what you are doing as being able to explain to extra-regional donors the extent of the Caribbean Church’s response is helpful to them in determining the ways in which they can help us. Should you wish to talk to folks directly in the affected countries here is some contact information:

St: Lucia:
Bishop Emmanuel McLorren,

President, Fellowship of Gospel Preaching Churches,

Tel: 1-758-452-7600 (office), 1-758-452-2213 (home)

Email: [email protected]


Bishop Michael Daniel,

President, Dominica Association of Evangelical Churches,

Tel: 1-767-448-3273 (office), 1-767-448-8662 (home)

Email: [email protected]


Pastor Jean-Marc Montout,


Tel: 001-596-696-937700 (office), 011-596-596-501775 (home)

Email: [email protected]


Rev. Peter Garth,

President, Jamaica Association of Evangelicals,

Tel: 1-876-970-1498 (office), 1-876-978-1912 (home)

Email: [email protected]

All telephone lines are working, to the best of my knowledge. However, Internet access is affected by the availability of electricity. Rev. Garth has no electricity and will not have email access until power is restored. Pastor Montout has email access as he is in the centre of the island of Martinique where all utilities are fully functional.

Rev. Gerald A. Seale, DD, General Secretary and CEO,

Evangelical Association of the Caribbean, 41 Excel Road, Elizabeth Park, Christ Church BB15092, Barbados,

Tel/Fax: 1-246-427-9746 Web Site: www.caribbeanevangelical.org

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