Caribbean: Prayer Reqeusts – Hurricane Felix and Jamaica Elections

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Monday, September 03, 2007

9:00 a.m.

Hurricane Felix is this morning a catastrophic category five storm with sustained winds of 165 mph (270 km/hr) and gusts up to 200 mph (325 km-hr). It is now expected to hit Honduras and the north-east tip of Nicaragua with full force. These winds will cause much damage and of even greater threat to life is the flash flooding and mudslides that normally occur in these countries. Felix is then expected to pass over warm water, strengthen and hit Belize which is still trying to recover from a glancing blow from Hurricane Dean. A weakening Felix will then press on into Guatemala and then into Mexico. The potential for loss of life and property is enormous. Join with me in petitioning the throne of God for grace and mercy in the midst of the storm. May those who go through this storm experience the reality of Matthew 14:25, the presence of the Master walking on the waves of the storm.

Today is also Election Day in Jamaica. Jamaican elections are normally accompanied by violence and death. Some have already died in violence attributed to the election. As you know Jamaica is recovering from a tangle with hurricane Dean and elections were delayed for a week in the aftermath of Hurricane Dean. Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller, a born again Evangelical Christian, is facing her first election as Prime Minister. Preliminary polls show the two parties are in a statistical dead heat. Some are predicting that Mrs. Simpson-Miller will lose the election. Let us pray that God will over rule in all things and choices made today will reflect His sovereign will.

I firmly believe that prayer changes things.



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