Caribbean: St. Vincent Crusade Report

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Kingstown: Following a very successful crusade two years ago with Dr. Ralph Bell and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, the vision was birthed of simultaneous crusades across St. Vincent during March 2007 just prior to Cricket World Cup in the Caribbean .

The plan involved dividing the country in eight major zones corresponding with the constituencies set by the government for national elections. Through eight simultaneous evangelistic crusades the entire country was blanketed by the Gospel. The Association of Evangelical Churches in , the umbrella body linking the major evangelical denominations and organisations in the nation, was the main organiser of the event

The attendance in all eight zones totalled between twelve and fifteen thousand each night and the responses for salvation, rededication, and prayer amounted to about 2,000.

The impact of this event was widespread, touching students and teachers in schools and prisons as teams of workers daily visited and ministered in the jails, schools, and other institutions. The nightly services were broadcasts “live” on several radio stations so that people unable to make it to one of the eight crusade venues could still hear a clear presentation of the Gospel.

Even politicians were impacted. The final night of the crusade the Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Ralph Gonsalves was present and prayed for through the laying on of hands by many pastors. The prayers that night undoubtedly saved the PM’s life as a few days later he was involved in a very serious accident resulting in the total wreck of the vehicle but just minor injuries to the PM and his chauffeur.

People with criminal intent testified after their decision for Christ what they had planned to do. Two young teenagers who committed their lives to Christ testified that they were pregnant and did not want their parents to know and so had planned to abort the babies. One young man came forward and gave the preacher his weapon, a large knife he had intended to us in a crime the following day.

The follow-up process is being done in several ways through local congregations. Names of persons who made decisions were sent to pastors and congregations involved in the crusade for this follow-up. There is a plan for united church baptisms.

New Church

On April 29th a new church started in Barroullie, one of the crusade venues. Paul Jack has assumed the leadership of this new ministry. A building has been secured a building and four nights of prayer as preceded the official opening.

is a small archipelago of islands in the Eastern Caribbean comprising 389 sq. km. with a population of about 114,000.

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