The Viva Report – Mapping the Global Christian Response to Children at Risk

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There are over 2 billion children in the world today. For half of them childhood is in reality a very dark place. Instead of light, love and laughter they experience only tears, terror and torment. This cannot be what God intended and, as Christians, we want to reach out to those suffering children.

It is believed that “the Christian Church is the single largest and most effective body of people reaching out to marginalised children around the globe”. More than 2 billion people claim to be followers of Jesus Christ – that’s one third of the world's population. So where, how, why and what does the church do to reach out to children at risk?

The answer is "nobody knows exactly". It is widely believed that Christians are the biggest provider of care for children in the world. The problem is no one can prove it.

In response, Viva has launched a research project to fully map and document "the state of the world's Christian work with marginalised children". Every year, commencing in July 2007, the latest data will be publicised in a new publication called "The Viva Report".

By detailing who is doing what and where, The Viva Report will enable greater collaboration between Christians, help avoid duplication of effort, and help organisations focus effort on the areas of greatest need.

This is your opportunity to be included in the global mailing list for The Viva Report as well as inform Viva of the response that you, your organisation or your church is making to improve the lives of children at risk.

For further details of how to get involved, contact the Viva Report Project Manager, Jes Redgard by email at [email protected]