Church of God unite with millions calling on world leaders to halve global poverty

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August 31, 2010

The Church of God (COG) has passed a resolution to join Micah Challenge in calling millions of Christians to a day of prayer and action against extreme poverty as part of a global event being held in under 50 days time.

The major Pentecostal denomination has a membership of up to 4 million. Their unified resolve to pray the specific words of a Micah prayer on 10.10.10 is a major contribution towards Micah Challenge’s radical goal of 100 million prayer commitments on the tenth of October 2010. Churches connected to Micah Challenge’s 45 national campaigns will remind up to 1000 political leaders from nations around the world to take action on poverty commitments promised through the Millennium Development Goals. They will also make 10 million promises to remember the poor.

Five unique signature events being planned to highlight the day in Australia, India, UK, Equador and Zambia uniting millions of Christians from a wide variety of movements and denominations.

COG leaders, in a resolution passed on 2 August, said: “We call upon governments of the nations represented by the international constituents of the Church of God to honor their promise to halve extreme global poverty by 2015, holding them accountable to act with integrity and justice on behalf of the poor.”

Rick Waldrop, Church of God World Missions Liason said: “Micah Challenge is our primary partner in this effort to pray and work for the end of extreme poverty and to hold world leaders accountable to their promises to that end.  Pentecostals have long been known as belonging to churches of and for the poor in most parts of the world and now we have the opportunity to show our solidarity with them in this new partnership.  We are mobilizing many pastors and church leaders around the world to be involved in the 10.10.10 campaign as well."

This decisive resolve from the Church of God to make global poverty a priority on 10.10.10 has followed recent commitments of support and partnership from the Assemblies of God and Elim denominations, as well as the European Pentecostal Theological Association (EPTA) who have made a statement on the theme of justice and Pentecostals.

Micah Challenge’s International Director, Joel Edwards said: “As we draw closer to a crucial review of the world’s progress on the Millennium Development Goals at a United Nations summit in late September, Micah Challenge International warmly celebrate these firm prophetic commitments from COG, EPTA, AOG and Elim denominations to join our global partnership in praying for the world’s extreme poor on 10.10.10. We look forward to mobilizing even more international Church movements with the message of the 10.10.10 campaign.”

To arrange an interview, contact Communications Coordinator, Theresa Malinowska, at [email protected] [email protected] or call +44 (0)78 142 09442 or contact Campaigns Coordinator, Amanda Jackson on [email protected] [email protected] or call + 44 (0)207 367 6571.

Notes to Editors:

100 million people are expected to speak up for the world’s half a billion disadvantaged by praying for an end to extreme poverty at church services held on 10.10.10. They will be saying the words of a promise and a prayer. Please download the words by clicking here.

Micah 2010 is backed by a number of Christian organizations such as Youth for Christ Europe and North Africa, Urban Saints, Assemblies of God UK, 24-7 Prayer, Scripture Union International, Hispanic Church USA, New Testament of God, Redeemed Christian Church, Tearfund, Compassion Art, CWR, Kingsway Publishing, Christian Aid and Lausanne. Micah Challenge was launched in 2004 by two global bodies – Micah network of over 300 relief and development bodies and the World Evangelical Alliance who represents 420 million Christians – to be a voice of Christian advocacy against extreme poverty.

Internationally renowned worship leader, Martin Smith has contributed a theme song for the Micah 2010 campaign called ‘You have shown us.’ To watch and listen, please click here. ‘You have shown us’ is part of an album of worship focusing on justice, mercy and humility, available from Kingsway. A set of Bible Studies called ‘Just Mercy’ written by Micah Challenge’s International Director, Joel Edwards, has also been written to accompany the journey of faith many Churches will be embarking on, together with a set of essays on the Churches responsibility to the global poor; ‘Micah’s Challenge.’ Other supporting downloadable resources are available to Churches for help in planning activities on 10.10.10 at www.Micah2010.org. French, Portuguese and German versions can be obtained clicking here.