Day for Darfur Campaign

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Globe for Darfur – Day for Darfur Campaign

Global Darfur campaigners announce September 16 as day to ‘send off’ world leaders to U.N. General Assembly

Worldwide events to press leaders to ‘not look away’ from Darfur conflict

Darfur activists from around the world have marked September 16 as the day to “send off” their respective world leaders to the U.N. General Assembly with a call to “not look away” from the Darfur atrocities. Advocates in dozens of countries will host local events urging their leaders to help end the ongoing crisis in the western region of Sudan.

September 16th marks the formal opening of the UN General Assembly and the second anniversary of the ‘responsibility to protect agreement,’ when governments agreed to act to stop genocide and mass atrocities. Two years following that declaration, campaigners will draw attention to the international community’s failure to fulfill their promises in Darfur where over 200,000 have been killed.

The events follow the U.N. Security Council’s passing of Resolution 1769, authorizing a hybrid U.N. – AU peacekeeping mission in Darfur and calling for an immediate cessation of hostilities. Globe for Darfur, an international group of non-governmental organizations organizing this fourth global day of action, is warning that despite the welcome passing of the resolution nothing has changed on the ground and that if governments look away now, thousands of lives will be put at risk.

The organizations are calling for the full and swift deployment of the UNAMID force to help protect civilians and calling for pressure on all sides until attacks on civilians stop. Specifically, the groups will urge leaders meeting at the UN General Assembly to press the Sudanese government, armed groups and Janjaweed militia in Darfur and eastern Chad to halt attacks against civilians and humanitarian agencies.

Globe for Darfur groups around the world will also urge all relevant actors – including the United Nations, African Union, European Union, Arab League, and U.N. member states – to, contribute to the solution whether by offering troops, police, funding, equipment, logistical support, or diplomatic and economic pressure to the mission.

The first three Global Day for Darfur events attracted tens of thousands of supporters from around the world to events held on six continents. For more information on Globe for Darfur visit: www.GlobeforDarfur.org.