Democratic Republic of Congo Presidential and Parliamentary elections – 28 November 2011

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Mission News Network reports that tensions are high as pre-election jitters have gripped the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Voters and politicians are gearing up for November 28, the second set of post-civil war elections. It's the first time the presidential and parliamentary vote will be combined in the same election.

Due to the massive size of the central African country, getting voting materials to the polling stations and back is one of the biggest logistical challenges. Amidst threats of violence, election watchdogs wonder if the election will go forward on time.

One of the pastors said: “Our prayer is simply that whoever wins, the others will not riot and if there is anything we're asking God for, it's that this will go peacefully and everything will end up to where we will have elections and we can go on with life."

There are 11 parties competing for the President's seat, but there are two frontrunners. One is incumbent President Joseph Kabila, and the other is Etienne Tshisekedi. Kabila is seeking a second term in office, and Tshisekedi is connected as a leader of the Congolese Democracy Movement.

In the post-war areas, the candidates are using the last few days for stumping. Observers say political change may be the only thing to bring peace into the region. Congo is home to over 71 million people, from about 450 tribes. It is for that reason that there is concern about the possibility of tribal loyalty boiling over into tribal conflict.

Read the full article here : http://www.mnnonline.org/article/16502

·         Pray for voting materials to reach the polls in time in this vast country
·         Pray the Lord to guide and direct this nation. Ask Him to raise up leaders who will govern with integrity and in the fear of the Lord
·         The elections to be fair. Pray for any ballot rigging schemes to be exposed and fail to influence the outcome
·         Peace to be maintained during the elections
·         Pray for the people in this war torn nation to find freedom, stability and joy after so many years of suffering and hardship.