EEA’s new Socio-Political Code of Conduct & Approach

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October 19, 2011 

The European Evangelical Alliance is delighted that, despite different cultures, Evangelical Christians from every corner of Europe have written and approved EEA’s new Socio-Political Code of Conduct and the longer Approach, giving a biblical rationale.  The texts’ chief author was Pablo Martinez of the Spanish Evangelical Alliance. They were officially approved by EEA’s Public Policy Authorisation Team and Executive Committee in June.  

Pablo, a Bible teacher and psychiatrist, said, “I was seeking to provide a biblical rationale for how we should engage in the public arena. We believe this is a balanced and thoroughly biblical approach, having Christ as the central point of reference. The purpose is to give a biblical basis and a practical guide to honour Christ and incarnate the Gospel at all times.  

Balance is vital to avoid falling into the traps of unhelpful fearfulness, anger or compromise. Jiri Unger, President of EEA and General Secretary of the Czech Evangelical Alliance, said, The European Evangelical Alliance based its socio-political approach on the belief that we can be radical and faithful to the whole of Scripture without being extremist, soft or liberal and at the same time engage in unavoidable confrontations in a relational and respectful way.”  

EEA hopes that these texts will be distributed widely stimulate much discussion and become a helpful tool for many.  

What are people already saying about EEA’s Socio-Political Code of Conduct & Approach?
"For more than 25 years I have held different offices in the field of politics: assistant to an MP, director of a political think tank, MP, Minister and Deputy Prime-Minister. Taking public responsibility as a Christian is a challenge and a privilege. It is my experience that, in order to be salt and light, it is crucial to remain focused on Christ. Christian politics is not about Christians giving their opinions on political issues. Christian politics is - first and foremost - about confessing Christ in politics.
This document states the basic principles of Christian presence in the public domain in a very clear and powerful way. It is my wish that many Christians will be motivated by it to take up the challenge and become publicly and politically visible as followers of Jesus Christ." André Rouvoet.  

"As a former Salvation Army Officer, I say Hallelujah. This document is very much how I want to be working and our service be recognized by our brothers and sisters throughout the kingdom of God. Very, very helpful. May it encourage many others to get involved in this area!" Frank Heinrich, Member of the German Bundestag.   

“I will try to study the document and use it in my work. I am confident that Europe and its authorities are ever more in need of Christ's values.” Pavlo Unguryan, Member of the Ukrainian Parliament.

"Europe is becoming increasingly secular and this approach to doing politics is the one most likely to influence policy makers and help to reverse that trend." Martyn Eden Political Editor, Premier Media Group.  

Other endorsers before the public launch include :-
·         Kris Vleugels, Chair of C’Axent, Vice-Chair of the European Christian Political Movement
·         Leo van Doesburg, European Christian Political Movement, Central & Eastern European
·         David Landrum, EA UK Director of Advocacy
·         Sergei & Dina Shavtsov, Human Rights lawyers, Belarus
·         Os Guinness, author.   

Click here to see EEA Socio-Political Approach
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