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Leaders of Alliances in Germany, Austria and Switzerland Meet in Stuttgart

Stuttgart, January 29 (idea) ­ Prayer remains at the heart of the
Evangelical Alliance¹s ministry in German speaking Europe.

At their annual meeting in Stuttgart the Alliance¹s executives of Germany,
Austria and German speaking parts of Switzerland reaffirmed their special
commitment to the annual week of prayer. During the recent week, January 6
­ 13, 350,000 Christians gathered for prayer meetings in Germany, 5,000 in
Austria and 50,000 in Switzerland.

The Presidents and General Secretaries also discussed plans for 2008. High
on the agenda are outreach programs during a major sports event that will
take place in Austria and Switzerland this summer ­ the European Soccer Cup.

According to Christoph Groetzinger, General Secretary of the Austrian
Alliance, numerous missionary events will accompany the tournament, June 7 ­
29. Activities range from the distribution of tracts to public viewing
areas organized by churches and Christian groups. They take their cue from
the ³kickoff 2006² outreach during the Soccer World Cup in Germany, two
years ago.

The President of the Alliance in German speaking Switzerland, Thomas Bucher,
informed the Alliance leaders about plans to reach Turkish immigrants with
the Gospel. Evangelicals also join in discussions about the construction of
minarets in Swiss towns.

Hartmut Steeb, General Secretary of the German Alliance, in formed about the
involvement in political discussion, for instance the debate about embryonic
stem cell research and the protection of human life from its very beginning.

Gordon Showell-Rogers, General Secretary of the European Evangelical
Alliance, urged local churches to integrate churches of ethnic minorities
and immigrants into their ministry. Furthermore, the Alliance¹s
representation at the EU institutions in Brussels needed to be strengthened.


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