European Evangelical Alliance Newsletter

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The EEA Newsletter brings news from Europe, provided by staff, members and partners


The Foreigners among us

“When you want to build an inclusive church first tackle racism. It is endemic like sin. Nobody is free from it.” These were the words of David Wise who built a truly inclusive church in Greenford, London over the past 23 years. There are 25 nationalities represented in this church. Read More
European Youth Ministry Network Founded
Leaders from several organisations founded a youth network. In september they met to discuss strategy and plan a youth summit in 2015. An exiting development for European Youth! Read More

Pray with us

1. For all neighbours who's families and homes are threathened.
2. Political stability across Europe
3. Conferences: Student Forum, General Assembly


  • 20 to 25 SeptemberEuropean Student Forum
  • 1 to 18 October 18 days of freedom
  • 20 to 23 OctoberEEA General Assembly

What does freedom mean to you?
That is the question that people across Europe will be answering during the first 18 days of October.
They will post photos at #18daysoffreedom and tag friends on social media to get people thinking about how precious freedom is.Read more

Vision 2020 Good News People -
the Next Generation

European Student Forum 20-25 September

Please pray for the 31 participants from 14 nations who will gather in Brussels for this week of learning how to be Christ’s ambassadors in the public arena. The programme of politics, law and media teaching, mentoring and projects as well as visits to the European Union institutions is organised by EEA and IFES. Read More
The R-factor
EEA General Assembly - In one month EEA staff, members and partners will meet in Northampton UK. Find out about the exiting speakers on The R-factor. Not registered yet? Register here.

We Are All “Ns”

Open-air prayer rally in Rome for the persecuted Christians in Iraq. - Christian and other minorities are threatened by the ISIS troops in Northern Iraq. Their goal is to establish the Shaaria law and an Islamic state. The homes of the Christians are marked with the letter “N” which is the initial letter of the word “Nasrani”, followers of the Nazarene, i.e. Jesus Christ. Read More

Childrens Ministry

In June over 60 of us gathered just north of London for a smaller gathering focused on our Global Children’s Forum work teams.Read More