Evangelical Alliance of Argentina: Chile Needs You

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March 2, 2010 

Three days ago we were moved by the heartbreaking news that an earthquake measuring 8.8 points on the Richter scale had occurred in the sister nation of Chile. Immediately, a large part of Argentine evangelical people was summoned to prayer by the Network of Advocacy Argentina.

Pastor Ruben Proietti witnessed the tragic catastrophe experienced during those interminable minutes, he was in Santiago working on organizing the next Festival de Luis Palau in Chile. He described the experience as "impossible to describe and no point of comparison with other earthquakes that memory."

Faced with the consequences of the earthquake, our president was immediately informed pastors representing the various churches that invited Dr. Luis Palau to offer personally ACIERA all the help we could provide through prayer and also as a body of willing to serve Christ in whatever is within our reach.

Among the humanitarian aid that was present from the outset, there is the Salvation Army, an institution of which we are proud that they always provide a positive witness of immediate and effective action against all types of disasters, both in emergency
and in the course of the medium and long term.

Before departing back to Argentina, Pastor Ruben Proietti witnessed the rapid mobilization of pastors and bishops Chileans began to collect aid to alleviate the profound shock of the Chilean people and thus fulfill the law of Christ, bear one another's other's burdens (Galatians 6:2).

Let us pray for so many people affected in different ways and specifically ask that the Chilean Church - famous for its achievements in history - to emerge victorious in the midst of disaster, driven by passion and compassion, to bring comfort and peace of mind Jesus Christ can only occur when all around is completely destroyed.

Buenos Aires, 02/03/2010
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