Evangelical Association of the Caribbean Newsletter, February 2008

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Welcome to the second edition of EAC’s e-newsletter. In an effort to reduce the amount of email reaching your email box, EAC has developed this newsletter. Once a month we’ll highlight the news items that have made it to our website at www.caribbeanevangelical.org. Many people don’t have the time to visit the website as often as they would like and this gives a quick overview of the news items that were posted. EAC’s office still tries to let members’ representatives have all news items even before they reach the website. An effort is also made to send out urgent prayer requests as widely as possible.

Below is a brief synopsis of the news items reaching our website. If you wish to read further about any of the items simply click the website link that is inserted right after a brief sentence or two about the news item and your computer should take you to the full item on EAC’s website.

Readers’ comments are welcome as EAC seeks to improve the way it serves Evangelical Christians in the region. EAC also welcomes news of events among Evangelical Christians in the region. News items can be sent to [email protected]. Digital photos accompanying news items are also appreciated.


CONECAR 2009 Host Committee Gets Cracking
Kingston, Jamaica: The Jamaican Host Committee responsible for much of the logistical planning for CONECAR 2009, got down to work February 05 when Rev. Emerson Boyce, Executive Director of CONECAR, and Rev. Gerry Seale, General Secretary and CEO of the Evangelical Association of the Caribbean (EAC), visited Jamaica. http://www.caribbeanevangelical.org/newsevents/articles.htm?id=85

Operation Mobilization Establishes Caribbean Board of Directors
David Ecklebarger, the North American Area Coordinator for Operation Mobilization International announced the establishment of the OM Caribbean Board of Directors. The new board met for that first time in Tyrone, Georgia on January 31 and February 1. http://www.caribbeanevangelical.org/newsevents/articles.htm?id=95

Guyanese Prisoners Receive Medical Help
Georgetown, Guyana: Prison Fellowship International (PFI) partnered with Christian Medical Dental Associates (CMDA) to treat some 800 prison inmates, their families, police officers and their relatives from January 26 to February 03 when 17 medical practitioners visited Guyana. Inmates from the Timehri, Lusignan, New Amsterdam and Mazaruni jails were treated for skin diseases, stomach aches and tuberculosis. http://www.caribbeanevangelical.org/newsevents/articles.htm?id=83

Salvation Army Marches in Georgetown
Georgetown, Guyana: Starting at Citadel headquarters located at Charlotte Street and South Road, the Salvation Army in Guyana marched through the streets of Georgetown to the car park next to Demico House in the heart of the city. http://www.caribbeanevangelical.org/newsevents/articles.htm?id=87

URGENT PRAYER REQUEST: Violence Rocks Guyana
Last Sunday evening, February 17th, gunmen attacked the Police Station in Bartica, Guyana leaving 12 dead. The deceased included three policemen and ten civilians. http://www.caribbeanevangelical.org/newsevents/articles.htm?id=91

Jamaican Churches Speak Against Abortion
On Ash Wednesday churches in Jamaica spoke out against a proposal before the Government of Jamaica to legalise abortions. According to the Jamaica Gleaner newspaper Rev. Peter Garth, president of the Jamaica Association of Evangelicals (JAE), stated, "We express our deep disappointment today on the abortion bill that continues to ignore the realisation that life in the womb starts long before viability,"

Jamaica Christian Council Reissues Statement on Gambling
The recent resurfacing of the debate on casino gambling has caused the Jamaica Council of Churches (JCC) to revisit its position on gambling. Among the criticisms directed at the Church is the view that the Church has been silent on some forms of gambling in Jamaica and therefore, why is there an issue with casino. http://www.caribbeanevangelical.org/newsevents/articles.htm?id=90

Bahamas Christian Council Wants Laws on Gambling Enforced
Nassau, Bahamas: President of the Bahamas Christian Council, Bishop John Humes, has strongly urged the Government of The Bahamas to enforce the existing laws regarding gambling in The Bahamas. http://www.caribbeanevangelical.org/newsevents/articles.htm?id=88

Christian Dancers Graduate in St. Kitts
Basseterre, St. Kitts: Youth Pastor and member of the Evangelical Association of the Caribbean's Youth Network's Facilitating Committee, Nigel Browne, was the featured speaker at the graduation of young dancers from the Youth Outreach Dance Ministry in St. Kitts on February 2, 2008. http://www.caribbeanevangelical.org/newsevents/articles.htm?id=89

Church of the Nazarene mourns the loss of Cuba's first District Superintendent
Pedro Hildo Morejón of Cuba passed away Wednesday evening, February 20. He was known as a great pioneer and leader in the Church of the Nazarene in Cuba. http://www.caribbeanevangelical.org/newsevents/articles.htm?id=96


Kazakhstan: Religious Freedom Under Attack
Kazakhstan is one of the Central Asian countries that were part of the Soviet Union Communist empire and later became independent states. During the Soviet era the ruling Communist Party imposed so-called scientific atheism on the people’s minds using the education system and official propaganda. However, with the collapse of the Communist regime and the Soviet state, freedom of religion came to Kazakhstan among other freedoms. Through the work of numerous missionaries the Good News was accepted by large numbers of people, resulting in the birth and growth of many Protestant churches. http://www.caribbeanevangelical.org/newsevents/articles.htm?id=86

Killing of Pastor Neil Edirisinghe
Sri Lanka: Pastor Neil Edirisinghe (37) of the House Church Foundation was engaged in ministry in Ampara for many years. On the night of 17th February 2008, at approximately 9 pm, he was brutally gunned down outside his house by two men who had arrived on a motorcycle. http://www.caribbeanevangelical.org/newsevents/articles.htm?id=92

Evangelical leader takes his challenge on the road
Evangelical Alliance general director Joel Edwards will be touring the UK this summer to address evangelicals in contemporary culture. http://www.caribbeanevangelical.org/newsevents/articles.htm?id=94

Refugees in Kenya Still in Desperate Need
As representatives from the United Nations and the United States converge in Kenya to encourage an agreement between President Mwai Kibaki and opposition leader Raila Odinga, little news of violence has made headlines. However, Assemblies of God World Missions (AGWM) Communications Director Randy Hurst says that no news is not necessarily good news – at least not in this case. http://www.caribbeanevangelical.org/newsevents/articles.htm?id=93

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