Evangelical Fellowship of Cambodia: Appeal for victims of Typhoon

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Dear brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus,

Greetings from EFC RDMC. A special mission trip was made to see the devastation by the Typhoon Ketsana in Sandan and Prasath Sambo districts of Kampong Thom province. During our mission, not only focused on the whole information we want but also the body of Christ there, was the most important we needed regardless what councils or denominations they under with. Because we want to see how many churches are there and among communities affected how many Christian families within and are suffering by this bad event? From this observed, we have the information need about our brothers and sisters there by arranged to meeting with them in three group in different places, two groups in Prasat sampo and one in Sandan districts. Our survey revealed that there were more than 40 local churches there. Among them we could met 20 local church leaders only because some leaders unable to contact. There are totally more than 500 of Christian families affecting and most of them strongly affected by floods that some have been evacuated to safety places. They requested us to pray for their needs such as water filter, transplant seeds, and foods ..ect.

On behalf of EFC Board and Rev. Hang Cheng, therefore, we would like to encourage you all brothers and sisters actively involve with us on behalf of Christain voices responds to floods and Ketsana in Kg. Thom and other provinces which are strongly affecting.

So please find the attached for fundraising appeal and some file related.

We are strongly hope that you all will corporate with us to show the Love of Christ.

Ma Ravuth
EFC Executive Committee
Relief and Disaster Management Coordinator
Special Operation Team Leader
Office (+855) 23- 885-241
Mobile (+855) 12- 713-551