Evangelical Fellowship of Cambodia: Kampong Thom Response Report

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Kampong Thom Response Report

October 24, 2008

Background Summary:

In previously, Cambodia well known as the country rarely affecting by natural disasters but now it is going to be changed.

On Wednesday evening, October 30, 2009, a Typhoon named Ketsana hit in some parts of provinces in Cambodia such as Rattanakiri, Kratie, Stung Treng, Kampong Cham, Preavihear and Kampong Tom was a province strongly affected in this sad event. This severe disaster brought floods almost everywhere in Cambodia. Thousand hectares of rice were flooded and hundred of home damaged. It was also remained 24 people death and hundred of people have been injured by this catastrophe.

Relief and Disaster Management Commission of Evangelical Fellowship of Cambodia (EFC RDMC) in cooperation with EFC’s members and local church leaders in Kompong Thom had a mission trip to see the devastation by the typhoon Ketsana in Sandan and Prasath Sambo districts. During our mission, not only focused on the whole information we want but also the body of Christ there, was the most important we needed regardless what/which councils or denominations they under with. Because we want to see how many churches are there and among communities affected how many Christian families within and are suffering by this bad event? From this observed, we get the information need about our brothers and sisters there by arranging to meeting with local church leaders in three groups differently, two groups in Prasat sampo and one in Sandan districts. Our survey revealed that there were more than 40 local churches there. Among them we could met about more than 25 local church leaders and there were about 500 of Christian families affecting and most of them strongly affected by floods. They had requested us to pray for their needs such as water filter, transplant seeds, and foods. ..etc. EFC- RDMC investigated this event through gathered information and took photos of them then sent that information to our members and partners in both locally and internationally. After researching and observing directly several times getting the detail numbers of the victims, and by seeing the suffering of those people, Rev. Heng Cheng, General Secretary of EFC, immediately issued a letter of appeal for fundraising for relief respond for those who in a great need and to help relieve the bad circumstances and lighten the burden of the victims. After doing this appeal, then we had received some funds from our members, partners and humanitarians locally and internationally. By having funds, RDMC decided to do the relief respond on Saturday 24, 2009.

During relief response, we distributed in three different places, in Prasat Sampo (185 families), in Meanchey Village 92 families and in Phum khmer Primary school 18 families, Sandan district. So there were totally 295 affected families (185 Christian families and 110 Non-Christian families) were the direct beneficiaries of this distribution.

On behalf of EFC Board, Rev. Heng Cheng, especially the victims in Prasat Sompo and Sandan, we would like to thank you very much for you all, for your praying and also all donors who kindly contributed some amounts of money and items in the right time to help and lighten them from hungry.

EFC RDMC also wishes to thank the following people in involving and facilitating this activity:

  • Pastor Sun Sokhun ( Kampuchea Assemblies of the First Born)
  • Pastor Khan Khon ( Evangelical Mission Church )
  • Pastor Mon Horn ( Kampong Thom Methodist Church )
  • All Pastors in Prasat Sampo and Sandan for their good cooperation.
  • Mr. Tuon Sophal for spending time in this work
  • EFC CO staff for their help
  • EFC Women Commission staff for facilitating in relief distribution.
  • Ms. Srey sochenda (Donor and EFC KEY representative) for help wrapping relief packages and contributing in this work.
  • Mr. Pearum EFC KEY – for good driving and help wrapping relief packages
  • Rev. Heng Cheng for spending time to distribute these love gifts.
  • EFC Board members for sending time in relief distribution.
  • Samaritan Purse team for good cooperation during mission in Sandan.
  • Mr. David Crook (TFUK) and Mr. Berry Jackson (SP) for sharing ideas and giving good comments.
  • And Thanks all local churches, partners, donors and humanitarians for their contribution.

Kind of items distribution for per affected family

NDescriptionQut.Unit PriceTotal
1Rice/ Transplant seeds25kg$0.45$11.25
2Khmer noodle20 pack$0.10$ 2.00
3Canned fish10 can$0.33$ 3.30
4Bean sauce0.5 dozen$1. 29$ 1.29
5Ointment1$0.31$ 0.31
 Total for per family  $18.15
  • There were 295 families were the beneficiaries (Christian families 185 and Non Christian 110 families)
  • Additional items were also included such as water filter 70 units, Radio 295 units and also used cloth.

Actual expense

NDescriptionFamiliesUnit PriceTotal
1Number of beneficiaries295$18.15$5,354.69
2Transportation fee for food delivering $ 93.23$ 93.23
3Admin. expense  $ 425.48
 Total expense  $5,873.40

Please keep those suffering people in your praying and especially for the climate change and environmental pollution in the globe!

In His services,

Ma Ravuth

EFC Executive Committee
EFC-RDMC Coordinator
Office (855) 23- 885-241
Mobile(855) 12- 713-551
[email protected]