First Cape Town 2010 Advance Papers Release

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June 16, 2010

In October, 4,000 Christian leaders will gather in South Africa for Cape Town 2010, The Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization. The Lausanne Global Conversation allows you to influence Cape Town 2010 (CT2010) with your observations, ideas and comments on the topics that will be discussed at the Congress.  Here’s how:

The presenters at Cape Town 2010 have prepared “Advance Papers” as previews of the material they plan to address in their presentations in October. These papers are being released through the Lausanne Global Conversation (
http://conversation.lausanne.org/) to allow you and others around the world to respond with your input and comments.

Responses to these papers will be reviewed and shared with the presenters and others so that your input and ideas can impact what they’ll be sharing.  Add your voice to the conversation. It will be heard!

Select one of the Cape Town 2010 Advance Papers. After reading the paper, simply click “Post Comment” below the text of the paper to add your response.

First Cape Town 2010 Advance Papers:

What Is God's Global Urban Mission?
by Tim Keller

Peace To The Nations (Zechariah 9:10)
by Dewi Hughes

There Are No Unreached Children
by The Children’s Team

Major Priorities In Eradicating Bible Poverty
by Scripture in Mission Multiplex Team

People At Work: Preparing To Be The Whole Church
by Willy Kotiuga

That All May Hear
by Grant Lovejoy

We Have A Problem! - But There Is Hope!
by The Lau
sanne Leadership Development Working Group