From the FYROM border

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Refugee Prayer Letter

From the FYROM border

These past two weeks, I have seen refugees electrocute themselves, sew their mouths shut, hunger strike, attack a food truck, trash storage units, riot and more, declaring either let us pass or we will die here at the border. They are determined to pass and never go back.  One day I talked one young refugee out of committing suicide. Today, the Greek Police and Frontex border EU force physically removed over 2,000 refugees in an operation called “sweep”. Today, we cancelled our trip to the border. Tomorrow, we hope to continue the effort to show God’s love to Syrians, Iraqi, and Afghani refugees longing for new life.
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Prayer Points FYROM

  • New volunteers are needed, specifically drivers and people that are willing to invest long term
  • Many refugees are desperate and hopeless; pray for hope
  • Workers are tired and weary