Garissa University College Siege – Association of Evangelicals in Africa Release

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Garissa University College Siege

Nairobi- 3 April, 2015

A terrorist attack in Kenya has left 147 people feared dead with scores injured after four masked Al-Shabaab gunmen stormed the Garissa University College, 200 kilometres from neighbouring country, Somalia.

  • Gunmen stormed university at 5:30am
  • Al- Shabaab claim the attacks were in response to Kenyan involvement in Somalia
  • All gunmen are believed to have been killed
  • University had over 500 students on campus at the time of the attack

In the early stages of the gruesome attack, an Al-Shabaab spokesperson claimed they were holding Christians hostage and freeing Muslims. This, a deliberate narrative from the terrorist group ultimately meant to incite religious animosity amongst Kenyans.

In response to the attack, government implemented an overnight curfew in parts of the country with the President ordering 10,000 police recruits to begin training immediately in order to bolster security efforts in the country.

Kenya has bore the brunt of such attacks from Al-Shabaab, with over 360 people killed since the deployment of Kenya armed forces in Somalia in 2011.

The AEA General Secretary, Rev. Aiah Foday-Khabenje, condemned the attacks as evil and works of the Satan itself and that this will not escape the eyes of God.
“On behalf of the AEA fraternity, I would like to convey our heartfelt condolences to the nation of Kenya and specifically families that have lost loved ones in the Garrissa University attack. Be assured of the prayers of the Church in Africa and around the globe,” said Rev. Aiah.

On further reflection, the GS wrote: “We must observe that it is Holy week, and eve of Good Friday. What is good in a Friday when Christ was crucified in a cruel manner? When the sun stopped to shine, the darkest day the world ever experienced; pain and suffering at its utmost? This sounds more like a black Friday or worse.”

“This indeed, is the crux of the Christian faith. The Goodness of the Friday was realized only three days later; on Resurrection Day!  In this we experience the mystery of evil and the miracle of triumph over evil; a work wrath by the God-man, Jesus Christ. This is message of the Christian Faith. Indeed, a stumbling block to the wise (worldly wise) but means of salvation to all who in childlike (not childish) abandon, will trust and give their lives to Jesus. How I pray, the author of our faith, through the Holy Spirit will enlighten and illumine our minds and hearts to understand this mystery and experience the power of resurrection.”

Christ Indeed is Risen (Happy Easter)!


About AEA:

The Association of Evangelicals in Africa (AEA) was formed on 26th February 1966 at Limuru, Kenya, during a meeting of 102 evangelical Christian leaders from 23 African nations and missionaries from other countries. The meeting had been convened as a result of the felt need by the evangelicals for a permanent association which would help build a united movement of the Body of Christ that would promote evangelical unity, fellowship and Christian witness in Africa.

In its 49 years of existence, AEA has grown into a continental family of over 100 million evangelicals comprising 36 National Evangelical Fellowships that are made up of numerous local churches. There are 34 Associate Members who consist of Para-Church organizations, and 11 Special Members representing local Churches in countries where there are no National Evangelical Alliances.
Visit www.aeafrica.org for more information.