GDOP Conference Kicks Off In Cape Town

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The Global Day of Prayer (GDOP) 2010 Conference launched with a rousing opening ceremony last night at the Cape Town International Convention Centre in Cape Town, South Africa.                                

Over 750 delegates from nearly 70 nations were welcomed to the three- day conference by host Graham Power, and were immediately given a taste of some of the amazing things to come. This Conference brings together authors, speakers and leaders from around the world covering 5 streams, namely: Prayer, Transformation in the Marketplace, Church, Youth and Missions

The Ceremony, which is a part of the build-up to the Global Day of Prayer event on Sunday 23rd May at the Belville Velodrome, included a number of highlights. 

A talented group of young performers, from South Roots in Worcester, set the tone with a powerful reconciliation drama, highlighting God’s plan for the nations through the diversity of his people.

The evening included a significant time of repentance and forgiveness between representatives from the first people of South Africa, the Khoi, the first black tribes, and the European settlers who initially arrived on the shores of Africa.

A delegate, speaking on behalf of the first Dutch settlers prayed a blessing over the nation and reminded participants that ‘without identity, there is no destiny’.

Then it was time to embrace the nations. MC Edwin Fillies called the various countries to the front. From the Americas, to Europe, to the Pacific Islands and Africa the nations invaded the stage, celebrating in true “African” style. The stage literally ‘rocked’ when the South Africans jived their way upfront – a foretaste of what the world can expect as they descend on the country for the 2010 Soccer World Cup, just around the corner.

After watching a video documenting the history of the GDOP and its worldwide expansion since 2001, Graham Power reminded attendees of God’s instruction in 2 Chronicles 7:14 regarding repentance and prayer. He encouraged that this was only the beginning of God’s plan for transformation and revival. 

The Opening Ceremony concluded with children praying for the Conference and delegates. The level of expectation is high for what will God will do throughout the upcoming days of the GDOP Conference and stadium event.

Can every nation be reached? I believe that the gap is closing rapidly…    We are living in exciting times.  Graham Power

PLENARY: Focus on the GDOP

The plenary sessions got underway with a focus on the Global Day of Prayer movement around the world. Coordinators from across the globe gave feedback on how the GDOP has grown and the impact it has made among the nations.

GDOP chairman, Graham Power enlightened delegates with a history of GDOP, from its beginning at Newlands stadium in Cape Town in 2001 up to the present day. “This year we will see every country on earth participating in a day of repentance and prayer,” said Graham.

Graham also spoke about the “three waves” vision that the Lord gave him. The first wave of repentance and prayer has rolled out through the GDOP movement; the next wave will be one of ethics, morals and clean living, culminating in the final “positive Tsunami” of transformation and revival.

International GDOP coordinator, Etienne Piek, ended by inviting delegates to be a part of scripting the future of this prayer movement during the next few days.

PLENARY: Focus on Prayer

All the speakers during this plenary agreed that prayer is accelerating throughout the earth.  From 24/7 prayer watches, to the Children in Prayer movement, to a growing number of national and international prayer networks, prayer is increasing and deepening.

This acceleration in prayer is leading to unity among generations and denominations,” said Carla Harding from the UK.

John Robb showed a video inviting Christians to the World Prayer Assembly, to be held in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2012. Lena Wan reminded delegates that prayer is the foundation of all we do and that, “it is the place where we receive strategy from the Lord.”

PLENARY: Focus on Transformation in the Marketplace

Ed Silvoso, President of Harvest Evangelism, passionately shared stories of transformation from around the world. Ed believes that, “Today is a new day, a day when the Church will operate 24/7 in the marketplace.” He said he hoped that Christians will start to love Mondays as much as Sundays, and firmly believes that the end time revival will be a marketplace revival.

In a video message, George Otis reflected on the fact that the world is groaning and creaking under the weight of sin, and he urged that transformational prayer becomes a lifestyle, “otherwise we are in danger of losing the ground that we have gained through prayer,” he said.