GDOP: Emergency Prayer Alert – Japan

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Massive Earthquake and Tsunami hits Japan

They are calling it the fifth most powerful earthquake in history since 1900. Cameras were rolling as the ground started shaking and even the Japanese who regularly experience strong earthquakes were shocked at the strength of the shaking!

Numerous bodies have already been found; destruction to buildings, homes etc is devastating; 2,000 people were evacuated from an area surrounding a Japanese nuclear plant because of safety concerns; economic impacts are expected as Japan is the world's third largest economy—stock markets are already tumbling in Asia and Europe.


·         Pray for all those in Japan to have presence of mind, and for those who are believers to rise to the occasion with the power of the Holy Spirit to meet the needs as He directs them.

·         Pray for the Church to unite to reach out to help in the aftermath—pray for wise response, order and resources applied appropriately.

·         Pray for the global Church to wake up to the need to be prepared in order to be His hands and feet in these situations as they begin to unfold so quickly around the world.

·         Pray for God's mercy in judgment—that there will be more than enough messengers of the gospel in every place to share the good news of His mercy and grace to those who do not yet know Him! There are still about 1 in 4 around the world who have little access to the gospel—pray for the Lord of the Harvest to thrust forth more than enough laborers!!
(Courtesy of Liz Adleta – Ethne)

·         Please pray for all the other areas in the World who have had Tsunami warnings and where people are evacuated from their homes.  The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre had issued a tsunami warning for over 50 countries and territories including Indo­nesia, the Philippines, Australia, Russia, Mexico and Chile and almost the entire Pacific basin following the quake

Thank you for praying!!!!

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