GDOP Newsletter 02/2012 Invitation to the World Prayer Assembly 14-18 May 2012

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On behalf of the WPA International Coordination Team, leaders from the Indonesian and Korean prayer movements, the International Prayer Council, and many other prayer and ministry networks we would like to iinvite you and those you want to recommend for the 

World Prayer Assembly
May 14-18, 2012
Jakarta, Indonesia   

Dear Ministry or Marketplace Leader, Praying Youth or Child, 

You are invited to a once-in-a generation gathering, an encounter with the Lord God Almighty together with Christian leaders from around the world. The World Prayer Assembly (May 14-18, 2012) will take place in the midst of a spiritual revival that is taking place in the nation of Indonesia. Millions of Indonesians are now connected in prayer for their nation. 24/7 "prayer towers" are operating in many cities and over two hundred thousand trained child intercessors are crying out to God for the transformation of their nation. 

All of this is taking place in the largest Muslim-populated country. The Lord is moving in this vast archipelago of 17,000 islands with many diverse people groups. The Church has united in an extraordinary way, creating an environment for spiritual and societal transformation that is spreading across the region. 

Thousands of prayer, mission and marketplace leaders, along with on-fire youth and children, will gather in Jakarta to seek the Lord together in a new paradigm for an international congress. Like the five leaders at Antioch (Acts 13:1-3), we will "let God be God" and seek Him together for His strategies of "prayer-action" for our hurting world.  It was the first International Prayer Assembly, almost 30 years ago in Seoul, Korea in 1984 where the seeds for the current global prayer movement were sown. Korea will serve as the co-host for the WPA with Indonesia. 

Special track sessions will create a forum for participants to focus on international issues, cutting-edge models of ministry, and ministry spheres ("7 Mountains") for which they have a passion. And, while there will be world-renowned speakers, presenters and facilitators for both plenary and track sessions (such as David Yonggi Cho, Enoch Adeboye, Lee Younghoon, Luis Bush, Dick Eastman, Suzette Hattingh, Ed Silvoso, Cindy Jacobs, Graham Power, Brian Mills, Ian Cole, Pete Greig, Niko Nyotorahardjo, Iman Santoso,  Gloria Au Yeung and many others), we want to hear from one Personality primarily, the Lord Himself. All speakers will, therefore, share briefly and in a way that facilitates our time of encounter with God and one another. 

The WPA will be led inter-generationally, with youth and children helping to facilitate plenary and other sessions. There will also be strong youth and children tracks. This will help launch the next generation of men and women of God to lead the prayer and mission movements- modern Josephs, Esthers, Daniels, and Deborahs that God will use to impact the nations. 

Then, on May 17, we will gather in the national stadium with 100,000 others, including 20,000 children and 20,000 youth. Our Indonesian colleagues anticipate 200 cities of Indonesia to host simultaneous gatherings, connected by live television.  Tens of millions more will join us across the world by satellite TV and Internet streaming. As one of the largest prayer meetings in history, it has the potential to change our planet in fundamental ways. 

We believe the WPA will be a stepping stone to the fulfillment of the ancient prophet's prediction that "the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea" (Habakkuk 2:14). It will also be a direct answer of Jesus' prayer in John 17 as Christ's people unite in prayer around the world. 

Please pray for the World Prayer Assembly and join us in Jakarta for this unique time in the presence of the Lord, as leaders gather from around the world. If there are others in your ministry network that you feel should be with us, feel free to share this letter of invitation with them. 

More information is available on the website www.wpa2012.org. Check out the inspiring videos and share them with others. You can also register at this site.  If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]. 

Your heart will be stirred to see the new World Prayer Assembly video which is called "The New Wave is Coming!" It was filmed and produced by the award-winning Media Village. Here is a direct link to the 7-minute video.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XnEL_NAiSR0&feature=youtu.be    

We look forward to seeing you in May, 

Yours in Christ, 

Bambang Widjaya (Indonesia) and John Hur (Korea) WPA Co-Chairmen, Daniel Pandji (General Secretary), Tom Victor (Media Coordinator), Tety Irwan (Children), Jerome Ocampo (Youth) and John Robb (International Facilitator) 

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