German Evangelical Alliance: Press Release on the Murders in Northern Afghanistan

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German Evangelical Alliance is deeply shocked by the murders in Northern Afghanistan  

August 28, 2010 

The robbery and murder of eight foreign and two Afghan aid workers in the north of Afghanistan came as a great shock and grief to the German Evangelical Alliance. Our deep sympathies are with the relatives of the victims and their mourning friends in Afghanistan. 

The mobile team of eye specialists belonged to International Assistance Mission (IAM). The eight experienced aid workers chose to work in that country because of their Christian compassion for the suffering people.

Following the invitation of local authorities in Northern Afghanistan, the aid workers assisted the sick people in that region, who until then did not have access to medical help. After completing the important work, they were on their way back to Kabul. 

IAM is an experienced international aid organization. It is motivated by the Christian idea of unlimited charity and modeled on the biblical story of the 'good Samaritan' who risked personal safety to extend help. That same principle applied to these aid workers. They adhered to the code of conduct of the International Red Cross and non-governmental organizations for disaster and relief operations, particularly to the requirement that aid must not be used to propagate certain political or religious positions. Help is granted 'without respect to race, belief or nationality of the recipient'. This most probably is the reason their respected work is even financially supported by institutions like “Islamic Relief”. 

IAM has been active for 44 years and primarily worked at the requests of local authorities on ophthalmology. Today, their work has expanded into areas like renewable energies, psychological care, physiotherapy, teaching English and village development. 

Hartmut Steeb,
General Secretary, German Evangelical Alliance 

Press Contact:
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Stock; (cell) +49-172-2900387 

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