Germany: Christians Pray in Public for the Common Good

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Evangelical Alliance’s Week of Prayer Takes to The Streets and Town Halls

Stuttgart, January 16 (idea) – A new trend emerged during the annual Evangelical Alliance’s Week of Prayer in Germany: More Christians prayed in public for the common good.

Approximately 400,000 participants were registered during the interdenominational prayer meetings, January 7 – 14. Many Christians took part in several meetings; therefore the German Alliance estimates that at least 150,000 individuals participated in the Week of Prayer.

This constitutes nearly twelve per cent of the 1.3 million evangelicals in Germany, as the Alliance’s General Secretary Hartmut Steeb told the evangelical news agency idea.

According to Steeb many prayer meetings focused on social concerns such as unemployment, education, pollution and the integration of immigrants.

In some of the 1,100 cities, towns and villages prayer meetings were held inside or in front of town halls. Local politicians were encouraged to name prayer concerns.

In Bremen the Alliance chartered a historical streetcar for a prayerful tour of the city. According to Rev. Bernd Bierbaum the 50 passengers prayed for everyone in sight – bank clerks and university lecturers, customers and shop assistants.

In the city of Worms the Week of Prayer was held under the auspices of mayor Michael Kissel. The mayor of the university city of Giessen, Heinz-Peter Haumann, praised evangelicals for their contribution to the common good.

In many places local politicians thanked Christians for their intercession. Steeb emphasized the importance of public prayer. Many Christians are unaware, he said, that politicians are dependent on prayer. Many welcome intercession of their behalf.

The new chairman of the German Evangelical Alliance, Juergen Werth, insisted that every Christian, for whom Christ is of utmost importance, is welcome at the evangelical week of prayer – including Catholics. This did not mean, however, that the Alliance would enter into a formal relationship with the Roman Catholic Church.

Werth (55) is director of the media agency Evangeliums-Rundfunk (Gospel Radio) in Wetzlar. He succeeds Rev. Peter Strauch (63), leader of the German Evangelical Alliance for six years.


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