Global Conversation Engages More Than 40 Countries

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April 16, 2010

The Lausanne Global Conversation (www.lausanne.org/conversation) is focusing on important issues related to world missions and evangelization.  Christians from more than 40 countries are sharing their perspectives and expertise on topics such as reaching children with the gospel, poverty, environment and working together in partnership to share Christ.

Ravi Jayakaran (India/U.S.) began one conversation on Poverty and Wealth (http://conversation.lausanne.org/home/poverty-and-wealth) with this reflection: "I realize that wealth and issues of wealth do also closely figure with issues of poverty, for it is often the relentless selfish pursuit of wealth that results in poverty for others." Mel (Phillipines) responded: "Poverty has become very relative, depending on the context and on the one experiencing it.  It might be difficult to come out with a single definition of being 'poor' because of this...."  

MJA (U.S.) commented: "Personally, I feel it would be useful to start examining some of the factors that create and maintain poverty, how they interact with each other, where the weakest links in the cycles are, and where the church of Jesus Christ in all its forms can plug in to the greatest effect. It takes a system to transform a system, and the Lausanne (M)ovement is an ideal nurturing environment for just such a response to begin to formulate a systemic response to poverty ..."  

Add your voice to this conversation and others:

  The Lausanne Global Conversation is bringing together the global church to engage with important issues related to world evangelization, as part of Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization: Cape Town 2010. Join the conversation at www.lausanne.org/conversation.