Global Day of Prayer: Blow the Trumpet

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October 22, 2009 

“Repentance as Joel describes it is not a superficial turning from any particular sinful behavior. In fact, the gift of repentance is not merely turning from sin; the heart of repentance is turning to God. What matters most in the book of Joel is that God’s people are dangerously and shamefully distant from Him, whether by their apathy or because of their sin. God opens His heart and calls the people to return to Him. His appeal is focused on the hope of repentance and all the goodness that God desires to bring forth.”
From : Preface to 10 Day Prayer Guide 2010

Dear Friends
As 350 pastors, ministers and other Church leaders from Cape Town and surrounding areas met yesterday to discuss and ponder on the upcoming Global Day of Prayer Celebration in 2010, God took us back to the roots of the initial vision – that of Repentance and Prayer. The overall feeling is that we are moving into a season of deeper repentance and intimacy with God. Therefore huge excitement and anticipation is building amongst all of us to see what God is planning for the next 10 years in our city, our nation and the nations of the world. We believe that this sentiment exists in many other nations around the globe.
The new GDOP video communicates this call to repentance in Joel 2 in an excellent way.  We believe that this 3min video called BLOW THE TRUMPET is an excellent mobilizing tool for Global Day of Prayer 2010. It is available to download on the website on this link http://www.globaldayofprayer.com/videos.html in high quality format.  We have also added a copy with NO VOICE OVER for those who would like to translate the video into their own language.  Our only request is that you contact us before you start with the process to rule out duplication.  
In 2009 220 countries participated in the Global Day of Prayer for which we give all the Glory to God, but we know there is more to come therefore the process to saturate all the nations of the globe in prayer is continuing in 2010 and beyond and your nation is invited to participate on 23 May 2010.  We believe that this will lay the foundation for God to fill the nations with His glory as His children from around the world cry out to him in unity.
So far 102 nations have already registered. The sense of urgency is increasing and God is calling the watchmen in the nations to take their place. Let’s turn to God in unity on 23 May 2010 as all the countries in the world cry out to Him for healing and restoration!

With much love and Blessings
The GDOP Team