Global Day Of Prayer For The Poor And Suffering

Prayer December 9, 2011

On December 12, 2011, Christians all over the world will join together to pray for those in poverty. 

There are approximately 1 billion people who struggle to survive on less than one dollar a day. And often, efforts to help these suffering masses are unsuccessful because of corruption - governments keeping aid from reaching the ones who need it.

Convoy of Hope wants to do something about this situation. It is their belief that God not only highly values the poor, but He wants His people to serve the poor. They also believe prayer is the answer.

According to Convoy of Hope, the Global Day of Prayer for the Poor and Suffering is a day to remember the poor and to "ask God to raise up workers, full of His love and power, to serve those in poverty."

Money is not enough. We must pray.

Mark your calendar and intercede for the poor on December 12. For more information, go to 


SOURCE: Convoy of Hope, Window International Network