Introducing the Global Generosity Network

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In 1910, Christian families in one of India's poorest states started putting aside a handful of rice every time they cooked a meal. The rice was given to their churches.  These families believed ‘If we have something to eat every day, we have something to give to God every day.’  In turn, those churches sold the rice generating income for their work.  This tradition of generosity continues today – Christians donating from their ‘daily bread’ as a gift from God for God’s ministry.  This tradition gave way to a 'Giving Movement' that has already more than 1.5 million dollar for Christian ministry in and from Mizoram to support thousands of Christian workers (http://generositymovement.org/category/resources/videos/).

This great example of Christian giving for mission is surely not unique.  So how can Christians across the world be encouraged to live generously and share what they have received for use in God’s Kingdom?  We would love to know how Christians in other countries share their gifts from God for God’s ministry.

The Global Generosity Network exists to encourage generous living, financial giving and stewardship. The GGN has a 5 year initiative to:

        Create generosity awareness

        Encourage generosity commitment

        Equip Christians to share the Biblical message of generosity

        Catalyse generosity collaboration

        Increase financial giving to Christian causes and especially to mission

The Global Generosity Network would like to encourage Regional and National Evangelical Alliances to:

        Launch generosity campaigns and organise training

        Distribute the Generosity Declaration

        Distribute the Generosity Resource Pack and DVD, Stewardship Study Bible and encourage their use

        Develop generosity material

        Encourage people to subscribe to a Global Generosity eDevotional

        Include generosity workshops and seminars in conferences

For more information visit http://generositymovement.org/about/ or contact Dr Sas Conradie (coordinator Global Generosity Network) at [email protected].