Global Day of Prayer Newsletter – 10/40 Window Sunday, 2 October 2011

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When the story of the last day’s harvest is told in heaven, will you be part of it?  Will your name be among those mentioned as having taken part in the battle for the souls of mankind waged on October 2nd 2011?

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a concert of prayer for the “final frontier” of missions. 

On Sunday, October 2nd, Believers around the globe will be standing in the gap for the lost and unreached of the 10/40 Window. 
Untold multitudes will be pleading for the Lord to transform this “resistance belt” into a “righteousness belt.” 

Join Window International Network, along with Brothers and Sisters all over the earth, as we cry out on behalf of the precious people of the 10/40 Window where the majority of the world’s Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists live, along with most of the people groups that have yet to be reached with the Gospel.  Rally your family, small group, and church to participate in this history-making event.

Go to www.win1040.com to see how you can be part of 10/40 Window Sunday. 



·         Pray for Believers to hear the call to intercede for the final frontier of missions.  (I Timothy 2:1-3)

·         Petition the Lord for the souls of the Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists living in the 10/40 Window.  (I Timothy 2:4)

·         Ask the Lord to soften the soil of the hearts of the unreached and bring forth a rich crop – drawing every man, woman, and child into relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.  (Matthew 13:23)

·         Cry out for those whose eyes have been blinded by the enemy and are held captive by false religions.  (Colossians 1:13)

·         Pray for a tremendous harvest of souls in the resistance belt.  (II Peter 3:8)

·         Declare the coming of God’s Kingdom in the 10/40 Window.  (Matthew 6:10)


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