Global Day of Prayer Newsletter: Important Prayer Initiatives

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With testimonies from across the globe still flowing in after the Global Day of Prayer on 12 June, we have once again realized that a foundation was laid to facilitate a lifestyle of prayer with as many people in as many places as possible.  Here are a few examples of such testimonies.

“Thank you for the Global Day of prayer, I am missions President of my church and have been trying to find a way to introduce prayer to my church. With the global day of prayer, I was able to take each area of the world and break it up into 5 areas”

“The feeling we have every year can be illustrated by the attitude of this lady with her child, who came to us one day after the meeting and told us this: if the churches could be found together, without barriers of denominations, to praise God and pray together like today, it would be so fantastic, so wonderful!”

“Leaders who could not attend a service with a fellow minister saw the Global Day of Prayer as a means used by the Lord to unite them and it has mobilized the church and created the awareness of believers to pray for the nation of Liberia and the Universal Church.”

“Nothing is going to move without prayer and I believe with all my heart that after 6 years of participating in the GDOP, Hong Kong is never going to be the same again though we have to continue praying for His mercy and grace upon the nations.”

In many nations where believers have never had the confidence to register an event, either because they weren’t able to gather in large public places because of fear of persecution, or because they don’t have the resources to plan such gatherings, there has been an increase of requests for materials as well as formal registrations. 

Therefore we once again invite Christians from all denominations to unite for a day of Repentance and Prayer on 27 May 2012 for the Global Day of Prayer.  

In addition we will be partnering with leaders of the Indonesian- and Korean prayer movements, two of the most powerful prayer forces in the world, as well as many other prayer networks such as the International Prayer Council for the World Prayer Assembly, 14 – 18 May 2012 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The ultimate goal of the World Prayer Assembly is two-fold: to see the knowledge of the glory of the Lord filling the earth as the waters cover the sea (Habakkuk 2:14) and the fulfillment of Jesus’ prayer that His followers become one so the world will know He is its Creator and Savior (John 17:21).

For more information about the World Prayer Assembly or to register your interest in participating, please visit the website at http://www.wpa2012.org/  or write to [email protected]


Korea is the only divided country in the world and many people in North Korea are dying of hunger and oppression every day. Several million have already perished under the regimes of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. The current rising prosperity of South Korea is a huge contrast, much of it certainly resulting from the influence of the gospel and prayer movement.

To bring down the barriers around North Korea and set the people there free, we believe that God is calling the nations, including those who delivered His gospel to South Korea in the past, to pray together for the decisive breakthroughs we need to see in the North. Pyongyang was once called the “Jerusalem of the East” during the 1907 revival that swept Korea so we believe that as we pray, the Lord is able to transform and restore North Korea to its former spiritual greatness.

A small group of believers (300 local and 100 foreign prayer leaders) will be coming together 19 – 22 September 2011, to pray for critical breakthroughs regarding the issues in North Korea and for its liberation. 

You are invited to join them in prayer during this time. 

For more information email: [email protected] / www.pink2011.org or go HERE for information and prayer topics for North Korea.


Over 2 billion people live in a Commonwealth nation. The Commonwealth Prayer Initiative strengthens and connects their 54 nations in a yearlong prayer thrust for the Commonwealth, its people and leaders.

The Commonwealth Prayer Initiative is hosted by the combined Prayer Networks in Perth, Australia together with a growing number of churches, organisations and ministries around the nation and world.

The Assembly (20 – 30 October 2011) will be an exciting time of celebrating and connecting with local, national and international delegates gathering. The Assembly will:

Undergird international government leaders and the Common Wealth Heads of Government Meeting 2011 in Perth, in strong and focused prayer.

   Build new relationships across the Church and the nations.

For more information please visit the website http://www.commonwealthprayer.org/assembly.html