Global Day Of Prayer: Please pray for Egypt!

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Dear Friends 

The situation in the heart of Cairo just before the national election on Monday, the 28th, is very serious and needs our prayers at this time. One of our Egyptian prayer friends sent this report from a local Christian leader whose church is close to what is happening: 

“I am writing to ask for your urgent, persistent prayer for Egypt. Yesterday hundreds of thousands of Egyptians gathered in Tahrir square in downtown Cairo, right in front of the church building, to express their frustration against what the army is doing in the country. The army and police used many techniques to try to force the people to leave the square, including live ammunition, rubber bullets, smaller types of ammunition, tear gas and what we think is some kind of nerve gas. Thousands have been affected by these gases. We don't know exactly what they are using but it seems they are using several kinds, including CS, CR and nerve gases. We are quite sure that more than 50 people have been killed and over 1,000 wounded. The doctors are making analyses to try to understand what these gases are so they can treat them appropriately, as some of them are not responding to the usual medication and we are not sure what to do. 

We need the Church worldwide to follow what is going on with us and support us in prayer for Divine protection, healing of those who have been injured and inhaled and come in contact with dangerous gases, and for God to intervene in this conflict and accomplish His will and purposes in our country. Please pray for strength and protection for all the volunteers helping in the church medical clinic and those who are going to and from the front lines of the conflict to bring gas masks and other supplies to the protestors.” 

Another colleague who lives there said, "It's kind of Power Show from the extremists to spread fear & intimidation" before the election. 

"Barring an election delay, Egyptian voters heading to the polls next week could put their country on the road to becoming Turkey, that regional beacon of Muslim democracy, or Iran, that dark, authoritarian theocracy - or a military state somewhere in between. Some 6,000 candidates from over 50 political parties are running, but Islamist groups led by the Muslim Brotherhood are likely to gain a near-majority of parliamentary seats." (The National, Nov. 23, 2012) 

It is crucial for us to pray for Egypt at this precarious time.
·         Let's pray for His peace and order to be restored, for honest, good officials to be chosen and that extremist and radical Islamists do not take over power.
·         Pray for the binding of evil forces (spiritual and human) and for the protection of Christ's followers in the midst of all this tumult.  

May a new day dawn for Egypt by His grace and mercy and through our combined prayers! 

Source:  John Robb – Chairman International Prayer Council (IPC)