Global Day of Prayer Update – March 16, 2008

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Dear Friends
We rejoice in 176 nations who have already registered to participate in the Global Day of Prayer on 31 May 2009! There is also great excitement to participate in the 10 Days of day-and-night prayer preceding GDOP and 90 Days of Blessing following GDOP. It seems as if the fire of prayer is spreading wider and wider! Let’s continue to pray that every single nation on the face of the earth will unite in repentance and prayer on 31 May 2009.
There are only 75 days left to the Global day of Prayer. 

Currently the following nations have NOT registered by way of e-mail confirmation or on the website to indicate their participation in 2009.


·         Chad
·         Eritrea
·         Niger
·         Reunion
·         Seychelles

·         Armenia
·         Azerbaijan
·         Bahrain
·         Georgia
·         Iran
·         Nepal
·         Oman
·         Qatar
·         Syria
·         Yemen

·         Andorra
·         Belarus
·         Bosnia & Herzegovina
·         Iceland
·         Lithuania
·         Norway
·         San Marino

North America
·         Greenland
·         Saint Pierre and Miquelon

·         Cook Islands
·         Guam
·         Nauru
·         Solomon Islands
·         Tonga

South America
·         Anguilla
·         Aruba
·         Bahamas
·         British Virgin Islands
·         Dominica
·         Dominican Rep
·         Falkland Islands
·         Grenada
·         Guadeloupe
·         Martinique
·         Nicaragua
·         St Lucia
·         St Vincent and the Grenadines
·         Turks and Caicos Islands
·         Virgin Islands of the USA

  Would you be so kind to assist us in reaching these outstanding nations as soon as possible? You could assist us in the following ways:

1.    Send this e-mail to your whole database with a personal note to urge your contacts to help us make contact with the outstanding nations

2.   Send a personal note to specific people to whom you are well connected in the outstanding nations, urging them to register their nations

3.   Send us the contact details of people in the outstanding nations with whom you are connected

With your help we could see the realization of a “kairos” moment in history. God’s promise is: “If My people, who are called by my Name, will humble themselves, pray, seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, forgive their sins and heal their land.” 2 Chron. 7:14. Let’s unite in prayer to see the fulfillment of this promise.
Your contribution in mobilizing the nations to pray together is highly appreciated.

Many Blessings
The GDOP International Team