Global Day of Prayer Update - March 6, 2009

Prayer March 6, 2009

Dear Global Day of Prayer Friend 

We have just arrived from a weeklong Summit with our African and South African leaders. It was an exciting time of fellowship, sharing of testimonies and seeking God’s face for the way forward. It was a time of renewed focus and inspiration and there was a strong sense of God’s presence. 

As we prayed together about the way forward for GDOP, God clearly revealed a few things and we would like to share it with you to pray with us for guidance and clarity. The following points will be submitted to our GDOP Global Working Group in June 2009 in South Africa: 

There was a renewed commitment from regional leaders to use GDOP Transformation Network as a catalyst to build momentum for the wider move of prayer in the Body of Christ. 

It would be awesome if you could pray with us on these points. GDOP 2010 will be a wonderful celebration for GDOP, but there is a sense that the work is not yet completed. We want to listen carefully and follow God’s guidance in humble obedience. Your input would be of tremendous value. 

Currently we have 163 nations registered. Please visit the website to see if your nation is registered. We truly believe that we will see every single nation participate in the GDOP on 31 May 2009. 

May God bless you in your efforts to saturate the earth with prayer and may we see a move of the hand of God like never before in history. May His glory fill our nations. 

The GDOP Team