Global Day of Prayer Update: Only 23 Nations Outstanding

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Dear Friends! 

Who would ever imagine the day that Christians from every single nation on the face of the earth would unite in prayer?! Is it possible that we could see a global realization of 2 Chron. 7:14 in our lifetime? YES, it is possible, BUT we need your help. 

With only 53 days left to Global Day of Prayer, 31 May 2009, there are only 23 nations who have NOT registered. In most of these nations we have NO contact at all. This is an urgent call to the global body of Christ to unite in an effort to get these nations to join the rest of the world in prayer and repentance on 31 May 2009. 

This is the season when the final harvest will be gathered, but God is calling on the watchmen to take up their positions. We value your efforts in your own nations, but now we need your help to reach the outstanding 25 nations. This is a call that is not based on unity the Body in prayer for the sake of praying together! It is about reaching out to a God who is bigger than the economic meltdown, bigger than wars and conflicts, bigger than crime, violence, corruption, poverty, HIV Aids and so many things that prevent the final breakthrough of God’s glory on the earth. 

Please help us to get the following nations involved on whatever possible scale, by sharing the vision of GDOP with them or by helping our office to get connected with them. Time is of the essence and we rely on your prompt response. 

Here is the list of the 23 outstanding nations: 

1                             Andorra
2                             Belarus
3                             Iceland
4                             San Marino                    

5                             Reunion                    

6                             Azerbaijan
7                             Bahrain
8                             Georgia
9                             Iran
10                         Oman
11                         Syria 

12                         Anguilla
13                         Aruba
14                         Bahamas
15                         British Virgin Islands
16                         Dominica
17                         Guadeloupe
18                         Martinique
19                         St Lucia
20                         St Vincent and the Grenadines
21                         Virgin Islands of the USA    


22                         Greenland
23                         Saint Pierre and Miquelon