Global Day of Prayer : Countdown 3

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                                                  14 DAYS TO GO

                         Will we see every nation participate this year?
Now my eyes will be open and my ears attentive to the prayer that is made in this place.2 Chron. 7:15

On 31 May 2009 hundreds of millions will gather to seek God’s face for the healing of their nations. Never ever in history have we seen such a ground swell of prayer! And this comes against the back drop of a global economic melt down, wars, rumors of wars, crime, violence, natural disasters and the HIV pandemic. Globally we are in desperate need for God’s intervention. Will our prayer make a difference? YES, if we adhere to God’s conditions of seeking his face in humility and repentance and if we intentionally choose to live holy lives, His ears WILL be attentive to our prayers and He Will heal our land and the nations of the world.
As we are reporting from the Americas today we are so happy to say that
for the first time all the Caribbean nations are participating along with every single Latin/Central American nation as well as the United States of America, Canada and Greenland.  

When looking at the information we received from different nations, we once again realized how diverse the nations are and how the diversity will be reflected in the different ways they will be conducting the Global Day of Prayer.   
>From Brazil is reported:
Brazil has been fully engaged in the GDOP and it is amazing to see the e-mails coming from all sorts of cities and towns saying: " I have participated in the last 3 previous years and we want to participate again this year. This is a great blessing”    What has really blessed us is to see that not only big cities are participating. Some are in the extreme and remote areas of the country, surrounded by sand or jungle. We have information that even indigenous tribes will participate.
Some pastors are so passionate about it that they write to us saying: " We will put a marquee in the main square and will have all day and night prayer time." Another one said: "This is bringing such a unity to the local church in our town."

One of the most exciting testimonies comes from Belize where a 7th grade teacher is reporting on how her 7th graders “are creating posters to create awareness of the global day of prayer in this area.  As well they are all writing prayers to submit to the local Christian station, Integrity Radio here in Belize City, to be shared with the listeners. Slowly they are pledging to dedicate their day to prayer and worship.  We know that this is very, very small in comparison to happenings around the world; however, we just want you to know that we are recognizing the event.  We are going to be in the millions around the world dedicating a day to prayer, praise and worship of Jesus Christ our Lord.”

The USA has already registered approximately 80 + events across the nation and there are new registrations coming in daily and in Canada more or less 25 cities will be participating.
In Argentina something wonderful has happened after a lot of struggle to truly get unity in prayer.  There will be more than 80 GDOP gatherings in all the major cities and in Buenos Aires, the capitol, pastors from 30 surrounding towns will be united in prayer at the Congress Building.
Apart from numerous events across the country, Chile is reporting “a massive prayer meeting outside the Presidential Palace.  5000 people are expected to be on their knees in repentance and crying out to God”.
Are you part of this amazing season where God is busy re-writing history through the prayers of the saints? His promise stands firm, now it is time for His children to take up their responsibility. It’s not too late to still be part of the biggest prayer meeting ever in the history of mankind!  Find any information you need on www.globaldayofprayer.com or contact us on [email protected].

Did you play your part and send the information to as many as possible?

Love and Blessings to all

The Global Day of Prayer Team